The three dantians are energy centers in the human body. These energy centers are used to transmute the three treasures. The Chinese labeled them Jing, Qi, and Shen. These three jewels are used in the process of inner alchemy, or inner transformation. The ancient Taoist tradition of purifying the mind, body, and soul is much more direct than its western counterpart. This is largely due to the fact that mysticism was an accepted spiritual practice in the East as to where western versions were considered herasy.

Taoists broke down the concept into two branches labeled Waidan(outer) and Neidan(inner). Neidan, or Jindan was often called the golden elixir and is a spiritual discipline used to transmute subtle body energies and ultimately build an immortal spiritual body that survives death. Inner alchemy transforms our spirits until they express pure and radiant energy without use of external agents.


Sometimes called Ching which means the essence or primal energy. This spark of life, or sexual energy may be refined and perfected. It is the densest physical matter of the body and is teeming with life. It is considerd Yin in nature and is associated with creation.

The lower dantian, located about 2 inches below the naval, is also called the golden stove. It is here that Jing is refined and purified until it is finally transmuted into Qi. This is known as the process of mercury mediating between sulfur and salt in western traditions.


Sometimes called Chi, which means spirit, vitality, or vigor in English. It is the life giving force which permeates through air, food, water, and is even cultivated through thoughts. Mystics in India referred to ths life energy as Pran. It is known as Ki in Japan, and finally, it’s represented as the vegetable dimension in western alchemy. The middle dantian is located midway between the nipples and is seen to transform Qi into Shen.


The power center of the thi rd eye is located at Yintang or Meijan in between the eye brows. Ancient Taoists called this energy center Xuanguan which translates into the Gate of Mysteriousness. This is the seat of Shen which houses our spiritual awareness of our connection to the Divine. Shen transforms into Wuji, or absolute openness of the infinite mind. It is this Wuji that gets absorbed into the Tao, or natural order of reality, that permeates through everyone and everything. This Shen, the most Yang part of our body, is seen as the seat that transforms our sexual energy into spiritual energy which ultimately connects us to the Divine.


The union of the husband and wife in the bedchamber captures the essence of Taoist alchemy. Hsi Wang Mu (Queen Mother of the West) and Tung Wang Kung (Lord of Kings of the East) come together to transform the subtle body into the golden body. This is a Chinese version of the Chemical Wedding discussed previously. Taoists actually use Qigong meditations and exercises to gather and circulate energy from one Dantian to another and ultimately heal the practitioner, until they unify with the Tao, therefore, realizing their immortality.


The front part of the upper dantian is traditionally called the Yintang point by Taoists. This is where the third eye opens and allows the subtle energy of Chi to flow through us deepening our connection to the Divine. It’s through this eye that we utilize various forms of visualization techniques in meditation.

The Taoists believe that we can actually communicate with the spirit world through this minds eye center of power. The mystics of India have also noted this fact and I can 100% guarantee you they are correct.

“The eye through which I see God and the eye through which God see me is the same eye.”

-Meister Eckhart

Please feel free to share this knowledge with anyone you feel could benefit from it. I thank you deeply for your time.


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