In the gospel of the new testament it state that Jesus “breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.’ “

As you well know, the Holy Spirit is the breath of God, or RUAH in Hebrew, so it’s no small wonder Christ breathing on them would awaken the Spirit within. “Receive the Holy Spirit!” Not “I give,” or “I transfer.” This is an indication that Christ no longer had the full breath of God within for he had given it up on the cross to complete his work. Breathing on them just prepared them for awakening to Gods presence, and Jesus simply told them to make them aware of receiving Her.


Jesus taught the law of the cross in secret so his disciples and apostles may understand and be saved. Even the most talented and recognized authorities of our time still somehow tend to misinterpret this mystical fact. They’ll claim that the power to forgive was never passed on, but this is an error of opinion.

The mystical nature of the formula was one of many secret doctrines Jesus taught that has either been misunderstood or forgotten by the Church body. Yet if the power had never transferred to the disciples how could the Church have the authority to mediate between God and us> Then there’s the whole business of the veil ripping in the Temple when Christ died. Beyond the obvious parable, Christ literally embodied the living word to lead by example and showed us how to fulfill our purpose in Gods love. That being said it only stands to reason that he would’ve passed on how we are to forgive one another.

If you forgive the sins of another your sins will be forgiven as a kharmic debt must always receive compensation. Paraphrasing Solomon, “it’s in mercy and truth we find atonement for our iniquity.” Being honest with ourselves tends to show us that we often times get frustrated with people who do things we’re guilty of. Who are we that we should be so critical?

The same line of thinking is echoed by the Rosicrucian doctrines in the following way:

“If the person having the power and the Holy Ghost to aid and assist sinners can point out to them the manner in which they can purge themselves of their sins by making compensation and thus removing the stain upon their soul and consciousness, then that person transfers the burden of sin from the Divine consciousness or Divine records to the consciousness of the sinners with the understanding that if they purge themselves of their sins by making proper compensation, they will relieve themselves of the kharmic cross or burden and thus become cleared and prepared for redemption.”

-H. Spencer Lewis

The Bible urges us to be merciful just as the Father in Heaven is merciful. Even the big book of alcoholics anonymous urges it’s readers to “give it away to keep it.” Obviously, this alludes to how one who holds back the knowledge and refuses to offer advice on how one can pray for forgiveness- (BIG SECRET- you’re already forgiven!)- is actually sitting in judgement and deeming a person unworthy of Gods grace and love. In becoming judge and jury we are taking responsibility for that persons actions until the kharmic debt is paid. “Judge not, lest you be judged first.”

God asks us not to label his creations as anything beyond redemption as we must then share the burden of the cross. We obviously fall short of the glory left and right. Might I point out that Paul- who practically wrote the New Testament- devoted the remaining years of his life to sharing the very grace that was afforded him after killing Christians by the dozens.


We need to get honest with ourselves about the causes of our ‘lesser emotions’ and how we poison our souls with our own understanding. St. Francis of Assisi said “it is in pardoning that we are pardoned.” We must forgive God and forgive ourselves. By forgiving ourselves we’re taking away that rejection left by resentments. Once we’ve accepted we aren’t beyond redemption our self-love can take root. Then we can forgive others by realizing we love ourselves enough to let go of injustice. Letting go of our own burden frees us to be filled with compassion for ourselves and others as well. By removing the board from our own eye we can see clearly to remove the speck from our brothers.

Thank you so much for your time. Please feel free to pass on this knowledge to others. Peace be with you.


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