“Be an asshole and prove to someone that you’re a good person.”
-Jayson Zabate

So you finally found a spiritual path that suits you. You’ve settled into a groove that feels fluent and deepens your connection with the world. How beautiful. Well, it’s now your duty to be true to your beliefs and spread the peace. You’ve started your outreach, as do each of us, and I’m proud of you. I’d just like to leave you with a few choice words. Don’t be an asshole.

Between you and I none of us has exclusive rights to finding fulfillment in our lives. Oh we’d like to. But. Even Immanuel Kant’ offspring- with all their hedonistic determinism and sprinkles of socialism- can’t seem to circumvent that feeling of I. Why? Individual perceptions are no less important than the rest of our collective conscious. Since we’re all interconnected your feelings are MY FEELINGS. My reason I wake up each day and strive to do better than I did the day before. Meaning I, remind myself don’t be an asshole.

Still there are some who refuse to see the parallels between kharma and the golden rule. You know the ones. The high and mighty types that are much too pious to step down from their ivory towers. However they love to judge what the rest of us mere mortals deem morally acceptable. This is why modern society is widely skeptical of the rest of us. UGH! I do what is right and true because it’s the right thing to do so let me cue you in; Do you. Just don’t be an asshole.

There are so many schools of thought and I’ve sought understanding in each of them. I’ll never hate the sin and love the sinner since I consider the whole a sum of its parts. A cosmic oneness that can’t be separated. Mystical exchanges from language to language suffer the same fate. We start these heated debates about MY WAY by taking away a piece of the whole and laying claim to it. Are we truth seekers or Conquistadors? Well, before you sink your flag in the floor I implore you, don’t be an asshole.

Love one another. Accept others have their own mental faculties and are just as capable of free thinking as you are. Why not have your fill of their perspective and suggest a bit of your own without attaching the desire to be justified. Love your life. Allow love to be it’s own reward with no further need than to be savored. Let’s sum up this bit and gift wrap the message of every mystic who ever graced us. Don’t be an asshole.


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