Vibration– an instance of vibrating

physics-an oscillation of the parts of a fluid or an elastic solid whose equilibrium has been disturbed, or of an electromagnetic wave.

informal-a person’s emotional state, the atmosphere of a place, or the associations of an object, as communicated to and felt by others.

There is a working theory of physics I’d like to play at a bit that suggests that all matter is energy in vibration at it’s core. Quantum Field Theory states that the fundamental particles that make up matter should be treated as wave-like excitations of the quantum field. This would mean the electron would be viewed as something that excites the electron field. These quantum fields exist at EVERY point in spacetime. This research would seem to suggest that everything around us constantly vibrates on a subatomic level.

However, it must be noted that this is all still theoretical and any philosophy tied into these molecular vibrations is a pseudoscience. The reason the scientific community goes radio silent on the subject is because there simply isn’t enough data for them to make an informed decision. We can all be hooked on the feeling of rightness and WANT the interconnectedness we all feel to be proven scientifically but that simply hasn’t happened as of yet.

Trust and believe, minds much more brilliant than my own are working hard at tackling the “hard problem of consciousness” as we speak. Everyone from psychologists to neuroscientists, quantum physicists and even yogis, are looking into finding the glue that holds matter together. Tam Hunt recently wrote an article for the Scientific American called “The Hippies Were Right” that clearly shows how seriously the scientific community is taking the concept of vibrations being that glue.

At the end of the day, we all want answers.


Clearly, as anyone who has ever read my blog can attest, I have a hippie mentality. Years of meditation and prayer have taught me that there is a definite connection between vibration and matter, at least within my own body. The fact that I can hum OM, or HAM, or YAM, and literally feel where it vibrates within my own body is scientific enough for me.

Don’t take my word for it. Sit comfortably and inhale deeply through your nose and as you exhale make those sounds. Try OM- pronounced like the O in home. Hum it for a couple minutes and note where the vibrations are within your own body.

Where this gets incredibly interesting to me is that each of those sounds is associated with energy centers along the kundalini. They are part of meditative practices that goes back thousands of years. OM is considered to be the hum of creation and is said to be at the core of everything, of life itself.

Google where the energy center with the sound OM is located. Is that where you noted its vibration? It’s interesting isn’t it?

I covered this concept extensively in another article called Why Words Have Power so I’ll skip the details, but suffice it to say that several religions are in agreement that words when spoken have power. Speaking is a vibration of energy. We move air across a flap of skin- our vocal cords- which then vibrate and produce sound.

Taking it a step further, that sound then vibrates as it crosses over a flap of skin- an eardrum- located in another persons ear. This is an exchange of energy; one that often times causes the listener to formulate thoughts of their own as they turn those words into whatever form their mind arranges data in.

Think of things like the tone of voice, or the lack there of, that give us cues as to how the speaker must be feeling. This is what we’re talking about when speak on a persons overall vibe. “Their energy was all off man,” utters the hippie after some unsavory sort walks out of the room. All of this begs the really big questions to surface:

Is it the vibrations of others we sense?

Are we attracted to people whose temperament matches our own? If so, is there some unseen frequency our cores vibrate at?


Are frequency and consciousness related?

The Shakyamuni Buddha lectured on the concept of emptiness extensively. While we in the west tend to think of this as a concept of nothingness it’s because we fail to grasp what is being conveyed. Call it a translation issue but luckily the Dalai Llama sums it up nicely for us and calls it “the true nature of things and events.” It’s a concept meant to lead the practitioner into a world of self-discovery where they then awaken to a deeper truth. That truth being that all things, and non-things, are comprised of the same substance.

We could write this off as Eastern mumbo-jumbo and dismiss his teachings if he were alone in his thinking. Heracleitus had a strong sense that everything in the world was comprised of parts that died into each other in this never ending cycle that stretches back throughout the ages. He would say that “all things are one; out of the one comes all things and all things are one.” Oddly enough, he also said most of his writers wouldn’t even grasp what he was talking about-

I hear the RZA from Wu-Tang Forever telling people “people ain’t even gunna understand till the year 2000,”

-but that’s my lense, my vibration if you would.

Moving on, here’s where I get really get tripped out; how did these philosophers, with no concept of science- atomic structures, protons and neutrons- even begin to conceptualize the interconnectedness they spoke of? Think about it. How would they even begin to theorize that everything in existence is interrelated?


Looking within?

Okay, so if they each discovered the answers to the fabric of the Universe within themselves, on opposite ends of the planet, then wouldn’t it stand to reason they were tapping into the same collective consciousness? I mean, call it what you want but I translate two people completely unrelated to each other drawing a similar conclusion amazing at the very least.

Considering the fact they were able to make these discoveries without aid of equipment or anything of that sort has a ton of implications in and of itself. Factor in the fact that science seems to be taking huge steps into proving the existence of a unified field and a whole new idea emerges.

Maybe we mystical “nutjobs” aren’t so crazy. I could never be a zealot nor could I ever force anyone in the world to worship in my way. However, I would ask you to toy with the data a bit. Draw your own conclusions and share your feelings with the world. Let those vibrations out in the air. See who it attracts. Listen. Learn.

Does your tribe really change with your vibe?


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