Quite a lot has been said about how well our planet is doing now that we’re all indoors. The more I study the reports coming in the more I am reminded of Mr. Smith in the Matrix. He goes on this long rant painting us out to be the horrendous virus eating it’s host alive. Now that we’re seeing reports that seemingly agree with his sentiment it disturbs me.

I have always been very grassroots in my spirituality. I feel the best way to understand God is to go out amongst the trees and really take in nature. To be in awe of the natural beauty around us is so refreshing, especially with all this artificial nonsense we city folks are accustomed to. I garden, I walk amongst the trees, I pray by moonlight, recycle, and ride public transportation as much as possible.

My kids hate the smell of the compost piles but even they are used to it being a fact of life under this roof. Am I really making a difference though? At least enough to comfort me a bit but that’s more self serving than anything. Now that we’re seeing how rapidly nature starts to heal herself I can’t help but replay that speech over and over again in my head.

Agent Smith: I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not…

On and on he goes trying to break the mind of his prisoner and gain the access codes he so desperately wants. Likening our patterns of developing land to a virus would be enough to break anyone’s heart, maybe not their mind, but it definitely pulls at the heart strings.

So pollution is down and animals are roaming the streets a bit more freely these days. This is great news for clean energy advocates all over the globe as they now have data to prove how we drastically effect our planet. Am I ready to rally the troops and condemn people who call global warming a myth? Not at all.

I say we open the dialogue and see for ourselves. If polluted skies are clearing up then we should be able to see more stars. Why not start there and just gaze at the night sky a bit. Take in the natural beauty and accept the lesson that comes with it. We are tiny ants on an ant farm floating around a glowing body of gas that looks just like one of those dots sparkling above us.

There’s 7 billion of us yet we’re the only verifiable species we know of. Why? Because we live on a planet that circulates around a sun at just the right distance to make all of this possible. Last time I checked we don’t have the ability to get to another rock like this one. Maybe it’s time to think of way we can provide for her the way she provides for us.

Now I’m going to go play in the dirt a bit because I’m depressed. Luckily, Mother Earth still loves me and provided people with a microbe that aids in depression in the very soil beneath us.

Hippie or Hobbit? I haven’t decided yet but I do know we aren’t an infectious disease. Maybe careless, or selfish, but we aren’t a virus. From a mystical perspective “it is from ignorance and from ignorance alone that humanity must be freed.”

Maybe we’ll learn to be a bit more responsible.


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