The artwork is a piece done by Julia Volchkova in Penang, Malaysia


A righteous person is one who submits to the Will of G-D. That is why I set aside the first moments of everyday for devotion. Giving gratitude for the air in my lungs helps me grasp where I’m at in life. living and breathing. With that in mind I set my intentions for the day, to serve G-D with all my mind, body, and soul and to love my neighbors- especially the annoying ones- as I love myself. This has been an immensely powerful form of daily practice. It’s helped me stay focused on G-Ds plan for my life.I bow before Elyōni the Most High G-D and ask to be used as an instrument of His Divine will. Every. Single. Day.

I settle down in the prayer posture popular in the Near-East and put my hands in front of me. I breathe in deeply for a few rounds allowing myself to become aware of how I feel. I sense the weight of myself against the floor. I feel the power of the two intersecting triangles pulsing within me. That energy connects my Spirit to the divine. I breathe in G-Ds grace and love and feel that loving energy connecting me to everyone and everything in the known Universe.

I give thanks, going through the alphabet from A-Z coming up with something that starts with each letter that I am grateful for. by cultivating an attitude of gratitude I am telling G-D how much I appreciate what’s already being done in my life. At this point I’m ready to bow before G-D in a state of humbleness.

(I meditate and pray at various chakras- energy centers within my body. If you are unfamiliar with these subtle energy centers I put together a basic overview of them in a post called Energy Centers.)

I visualize I’m in a small Temple bored out from under a giant tree that springs up from the base of my spine. I see my lower-self (representative of my Will) planting a seed at Muladhara (base chakra) from His seat in Svadhisthana- the home of ones lower-self. The Temple itself has a dirt floor underneath the roots of the Tree of Life (Sophia-Wisdom) sprawling upwards from this base and through the core of my being. Understand Muladhara is the center from which this seed grows. All the energy needed to assist the soul navigate the kundalini from chakra to chakra exists right there.

As I bow down touching my forehead to the ground visualizing my lower self doing the same. This is an outward sign of an inward desire to spiritually and physically submit to the will of the Father. As I return to an upright position I recite the following prayer:

“I clothe myself in a robe of light that is made of the power, the love, & the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Not only for my own protection, but so ALL who come in contact with me are healed even as I am healed. I am sealed as Christ’s own FOREVER.”

As I recite these words I feel my chakra pulsing with light as if Jesus is wrapping the robe of light around me. Breathe in that peace & love and feel it pass through the Tree of Life pulsating upwards. That energy flows from the base of the spine through the solar plexus where it amplifies higher and higher.

This brings us to Anahata-the heart of the rose. This is the seat of your Spiritual self as it relates to Wisdom. It is here in this Temple in the ancient woods that Sophia (Wisdom) resides. For me personally, this is the seat of my awakening as it was here I first realized I was constantly connected to God’s Divine presence. Once again, I bow down touching my forehead to the ground submitting myself both spiritually and physically to the Wisdom of G-D. As I return to your prayer posture I ask G-D to guide my steps before repeating the prayer:

“I clothe myself in a robe of light that is made of the power, the love, & the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Not only for my own protection, but so ALL who come in contact with me are healed even as I am healed. I am sealed as Christ’s own FOREVER.”

As I exhale I feel the love & wisdom radiating upwards towards Ajna chakra- the command center.

It is my understanding that the Tree of Life grows around my kundalini in a double helix patter. From the Temple underneath the roots planted at Muladhara the grows through Manipura where a sort of mountain range forms wrapping around my spine. I see a river flowing through my version of the Temple at the heart chakra Anahata. The mountain range continues in that same pattern through- what I see as a valley at- Vishuddha to the command center at Ajna, which I perceive as nestled atop of a mountain in the clouds. This is also why I believe any scripture pertaining to El Shaddai- the Lord of the Mountain- is an allegory for meditative practice.

My higher self stands in this Temple of the mountain before what I can only assume is the Ark of the Covenant. All of YHWH’s radiant glory shines into this Temple from beyond… Beyond the clouds and definitely beyond my understanding. Sophia may understand the higher spheres but I do not.

It is here where I come into myself with the belief that this command center is where I step into line with G-Ds will and project it into the physical world around me. I visualize my higher self kneeling down before G-D. I can feel my desire to share that Divine love pouring through my Spirit. Prostrating fully, my forehead touches the ground and I feel my higher self as it submits to Divine will. As I arise and settle back into my prayer posture I vocalize the same prayer with all the authority and power my higher self has to offer. Commanding my mind, body, and Spirit to align with the wisdom, power, and love of the Christ I repeat:

“I clothe myself in a robe of light that is made of the power, the love, & the wisdom of Jesus Christ. Not only for my own protection, but so ALL who come in contact with me are healed even as I am healed. I am sealed as Christ’s own FOREVER.”

I breathe in G-Ds power and love, accepting His grace and centering my will, my desire, my mind with what it is G-D has called me to do. I ask for guidance so that I may recognize those moments where I can be of benefit to others. I ask for His strength so that I may be a living example of the grace afforded to me. Filled with that loving presence I pray:

“God’s grace and wisdom radiate and vibrate through me now. I am the, eye of the all seeing, all knowing wisdom. I am the wisdom that God is. God’s loving presence fills my being with light. I am now free from the bondage of ego attachment. I release the need to feel elite, singular or misunderstood. I let go of all psychic powers & spiritual superiority. I discharge all attachments to the mind. I loosen all ties to the intellect. I dissolve all beliefs & habits that have shackled me. I surrender to GODS GRACE & I am God’s instrument of light. Let God’s will be done in all matters now & always. Thank you God & so it is.”

There it is, my morning prayer.


I feel it’s important for us to remember that we are under G-Ds grace and to accept the unconditional love that comes with it. All is forgiven and it’s up to us to be the light that the world so desperately needs. Accept the fact that you are going to fail along the way and grow from those failings. We are sealed as CHRISTS OWN FOREVER and don’t ever let ANYONE ever tell you any different. Besides, even if you don’t get it right you are coming back. Thus is the cyclic nature of our reality.

Before I make my next post and share the chakra meditation I do after this I want you to note how individualized everything I’ve shared actually is. The most important lesson anyone can learn is that mysticism is completely subjective, no matter the path. How one chooses to commune with the Divine is exactly that, a personal choice. Mysticism has to be experienced in order to take affect. Don’t ever let anyone demean your experience or tell you you’re doing it wrong. It’s completely up to you to decide how to walk with G-D. All any of us could ever hope to do is be better today than we were yesterday. Pouring over the scriptures won’t bring you salvation, but applying spiritual principle to the decisions you make each day will definitely make the world a better place. We have to choose to do better. That’s why I have chosen a life of servitude.

Do you and love big. Peace be with you.


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