YOU MUST LEARN! Racism and Polarity In Politics.


We talk a lot of race these days. Our social media sites are chopped full of the issue and a lot of us are left just sort of scratching our heads looking at the division. So, let’s break down the issues a bit and sort of move past it. Yes, there is a group of black and white thinkers who see the world as either or because they are psychologically incapable of stepping outside themselves and seeing the big picture. To them we are either solid people of our respected race or race traders. The rest of us would do better if we just accepted that they exist and move on. I assure you it costs you nothing to pay them no mind.

America is a melting pot. I grew up with black people being my friends and neighbors. Vietnamese, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Chinese, all in the mix. Back then I never really thought about race all that much. Coach Kelly made me gumbo and also sternly made sure I chewed with my mouth closed. Dui’s Mother taught me the Chinese zodiac and the Mendozas brought us tamales on Christmas. These cultures taught me and molded my thinking as a child and I’m not sure any of us ever brought up the “issue.” Maybe that’s why Jesus was so fond of saying “come to me as children.” Children don’t care about complexion or our country of origin. They tend to meet these sort of things with curiosity and questions. In fact, when my childhood friend Davids family, whom I’m still not even sure where in South America his parents came from, went to Taiwan for several years none of us were shocked his father spoke Mandarin Chinese. We were more interested in the toilets being different- we were 11 and 12 year olds- and how betel nuts are chewed instead of coffee.

Then there’s Detroit. Our High School had African-American literature books, my history teacher wore a dashiki and I was one of about 15 white students. Do you think that made my life more difficult? No! Chaldeans still sold me loosies at the party store, I still rolled my blunts from one side to the other, and I can still quote Tupac and Big Herk with the best of them; Southwest stand up. NO ONE CARED! I learned how to box at Kronks Gym, dated a girl from the islands, ate coneys and lived my life.

It was also at this age that I learned how race had shaped the history of the globe. I read everything from WEB Dubois’ A Biography of a Race to George Lincoln Rockwell’s White Power. I learned about Cromwell butchering the Irish and shipping them off to Barbados to work the tobacco fields. Haitians burned field after field and entire tribes of Africans jumped into the Atlantic Ocean in those days. I was educated about the Jim Crow south and every court case from Plessy Vs. Ferguson to Brown Vs. the Board Of Education. “KRS y’all! Yes yes y’all!” Now who do you think guided my young mind at this time? That’s right, my teacher in the dashiki, Mr. Dosu. He taught me that slavery usually resulted from one tribe having better technology than the next and that as long as we get confused by the issue of race we will never evolve past the actual issue, stay-in-your-placism. I learned every form of colonialism from surrogate colonialism to the sort of economic colonialism favored by the IMF and World Bank today.

I owe that man for helping me shape my mind. Really, all the free thinkers who have upped my IQ and helped me see past the trivial issues most of us are so wrapped up in. See, everyone has racist thoughts. Everyone. What makes people racist is acting on those thoughts or impulses. Now, we can go deeper and expose the ignorance behind the thoughts and site how that happens but it doesn’t matter. We have to learn how to step outside of ourselves and look at our own behavior. Being flawed is a part of being human. Once we get past that we can be wrong and look outside of our own opinions we can start an actual dialogue with others. When that happens we are genuinely utilizing this rich tapestry that makes our country so unique. We have the opportunity to tap into all these different cultures from all over the globe in a wonderful way. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do that until we learn to get over ourselves and admit when we’re wrong. Pride and what not.


Everything is dual; Everything has poles; Everything has its pair of opposites; Like and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.

-The Hermetic Principle of Polarity

To most people this principle probably seems like a pretty harmless expansion on the concept of duality. In many ways they are right. However, it’s also a tool used to transform ones inner world. By being aware of the varying degrees of vibration one can literally learn how to move themselves from one end of the spectrum to the other. Think of saying daily affirmations day in and day out to cultivate self-respect. It’s can be a slow process but it’s a tool most psychologist recognize the value of and recommend to their clients because it works. Unfortunately, understanding polarity gives one the ability to sway people in a desired direction or outright distract people en masse.

Think about social media or news outlets in general. By using subversive language they can frame any story to elicit an emotional response from their viewers:

  • “White cop kills black man.”
  • “Gun show loophole arms another mass shooters”
  • “Food stamps sold for Meth”
  • “Abortion is murder.”
  • “Republican strangles illegal immigrant”
  • “Gays are watching your children pee.”

When I frame issues from an opinionated place I am leading people by the nose to get an opinionated response. This is a naturally occurring phenomenon, a law of nature, based on Hermetic principles that date all the way back to the days of Hermes Trismegistus- whenever that actually was. People have written countless books and strategies on how to capitalize on these ancient teachings. Yes, The Corpus Hermeticum was the original 48 Laws of Power. We’ve seen it utilized in hundreds of scenarios from Russian hackers in chat rooms to using sex to sell body spray. Yet, here we are, still struggling with the varying degrees of opinion.

While you were arguing over Phil Robertson’s opinions on gay marriage and the Bible our President gave Monsanto immunity in Federal Court. A company that literally puts paint thinner in your cereal will never be able to be held accountable for the thousands of genetically modified carcinogens found in our food supply. Why? Because people feel so strongly about Christian values and the lifestyles of strangers? No, because we are constantly being duped by people who have made it their mission in life to use misdirection and subterfuge as a means of attaining material wealth. Welcome to the darkside of mysticism.

You have a right to your opinions. You have a right to your spiritual beliefs and the right to not like someone exercising their right to say things that go against them. That is our Democratic Republics beauty and it’s curse; depending on what end of the spectrum your vibrating on. All I’m saying is step outside of yourself and really look at what’s happening around you.

  • Does the racial tension serve a cause?
  • Are there people who stand to profit from the division?
  • Who loses in this scenario?

Remember, free enterprise is what we’re best known for. They call us capitalists because our entire country chases paper. So in the realm of politics it usually makes sense to follow the money. Just stop letting these people lie to you and lead you around without thinking for yourselves. Step back and look at things as they are and think for yourselves. You were given a mind so use it. That’s all I got.


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