VIBRATIONS: From “I Am” To “Om”

-YHWH in it’s original Hebrew form


When we talk of manifestation we often times forget that the Hebrew scriptures describe G-D speaking all life into existence as we know. We tend to get so lost in the triune nature of G-D that we miss the fact that Spirit moves through everything. All matter is vibration in the Cosmic Mind of G-D. From the Near Eastern cosmogonies to the Hindu philosophies of India we see this concept pop up time and time again.


I covered the history of Moses from the Egyptian perspective in the Glorious Spirit of the Aten already and now I’d like to pick apart this “I am who I am” business a bit. This Hebrew phrase is fascinating because it contains part of the verb asher meaning “to be” in a way that could mean past, present, or future depending on the context. Unfortunately, there’s almost no context leading us to question what exactly is being conveyed here. On the surface G-D is saying “I was, am, will be WHO I was, am, will be,” but that doesn’t quite fit the bill. There is a subtle underlying meaning that seems to reveal that HE is also interwoven into that eternal part of us that lives within.

“I (G-D) am that sense of I (within yourselves).”

-Ehyer asher ehyer

While this hardly seems like something worthy of driving men to genocidal fury let us think about the implications this would have in ancient Egypt. They had a highly developed sense of their own individual Spirit-Self which they called Isis. Much like the Hellenistic Greeks used the term Sophia, ancient Egyptians believed Isis was representative of both the human Spirit and the Divine from which they came.

“I am all; that which has been, that which is, and that which will come into being.”

-Plutarch speaking of Isis

Now then, you have this extremely profound spiritual truth being conveyed that flies in the face of everything you believe. You’ve just been told that your entire concept of possibly reaching Godhood is false. How do you react? Violently? See, the ancient Egyptians had long since held the belief that they are the Divine and not just connected to the Divine. This is the reason they reacted with the fury they did.

I’ve often marvelled at people who categorize “truths’ based on how convenient they are for their own agendas. While it may seem like a good idea to disregard anything that doesn’t quite fit our narrative we can hardly consider ourselves truth seekers in doing so.

“Eating words has never given me indigestion.”

-Winston Churchill

As we carry on our journey let’s segway into the Gospel of John and solidify the framework-

“In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

-John 1:1

-The Greek term logos captures their understanding of the subject and adds a dimension to my own. The logos was thought of as the Divine wisdom manifested in the creation and government of the world. This is often thought of as the second person in the Trinity which represents the controlling principle of the Universe.

This definition is essentially combining G-D’s creative words we see in Genesis “and G-D said” with Wisdom, or the artisan, as G-D’s instrument in creativity. Greek philosophers coined this power as “the word that shone in the darkness.” Not only did they agree with the Hebrew belief that G-D speaks matter into existence they also believed G-D’s Spirit permeated through the very things He created.

“The Logos was before the Earth could be.”



This could easily be written off as a simple Greek dialectic expounding on Near Eastern mysticism ff the power of spoken words if it were an isolated belief.

According to ancient India, every vibration of the known universe has it’s very own corresponding form. Every letter in the Sanskrit alphabet is believed to be the primal sound from which existence came into being. Sound familiar? The base vibration that gives power to each of these forms beneath the ENTIRE cosmos is Om, or the hum of creation. This is also the sanskrit word for God- the vibration of the Supreme. Let that marinate.

Now, before the scientific community tries to sneak out of the room, I’d like to remind them that 434 hz has long since been considered the natural frequency of the universe. A bit of ”Harmonices Mundi,” if you would. Every single piece of the known universe vibrates. Science has proven that so maybe the ancients weren’t so far off.

When I consider the possibility of the Divine speaking matter into existence several questions come to mind:

  • Does a specific language have exclusive rights to creation?
  • Is creation the result of the vibration of sound?
  • Is it the intention behind the action that matters?
  • Can we wield this power ourselves and to what degree?

I really appreciate you revelling in the mystery with me. I hope some questions of your own came into being and I’d love to hear them. Thank you so much for your time.


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