I did a post a while back called Matter From Mind where I talked of Gods’ conscious creation of human beings. This sort of picks up where that post left off.


As we move forward with our understanding of Gods creative power one may start to question what this means for us. In a strange turn of events the story of original sin also chronicles makinds awakening to their ability to effect reality. Enough authors have profited off the concept that some elixir is capable of transmuting random substances into gold that we can all at least agree on the human ability to turn words into wealth. Sprinkle in a little bit of latin and watch readers fall in love with alchemy like many before them.

Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapidem or VITRIOL for short. In English this phrase means “visit the interior of the earth and find the secret stone.” The interior of the earth being a metaphor Christ Himself mentioned as the Temple Of God. That would be our physical bodies. The secret stone being none other than the philosophers stone. The western tradition of alchemy tends to be incredibly obscure because of how the practice was viewed during the dark ages; any form of inner transformation being deemed witchcraft and what not. However, the pieces that have survived are absolutely fascinating. Put simply, the body houses the Divine and the mind reorganizes the cosmos through that connection. While there’s nothing seemingly synister in that explanation, let’s dig a bit deeper.

Every culture seems to have its own variation of Eve being tempted in the garden of Eden. Roman mythology tells of Paris handing Venus an apple much like the Greek variation of Aphrodite. In the east Kama Mara is associated with the creation of the world of illusion. What all these stories have in common is the fruit of enlightenment. The snake (animal power) is said to represent the minister of the goddess. The goddess being seen as ingesting (vegetative) creative power freely giving herself over to the animalistic desire to know good and evil. As cryptic as all this sounds the ancient mystery schools believed this contained the basic principles behind alchemy and was seen as the key to inner transformation. Oddly enough, the legend of Parzifal tells of a green emerald falling from Lucifers forehead. Not only is this symbolic of us losing vision in our third eye long since associated with our self-awareness this is also where the legend of Parzifals stone began.

Let’s break down some of this esoteric terminology a bit. The goddess represents our ‘ability’ to create. What I really mean is the goddess transforms our sexual desire into it’s physical equivalent through our mind. Eve represents the vegetable element that works to achieve the mystical experience; the goddess within being the Holy Spirit guiding our soul through the chakras to commune with God. What Lucifer did was teach human beings how to manifest whatever their hearts desired by use of certain meditative techniques. The third eye being a center of power that allows humans to create the conditions one wants by seeing there is a spiritual reality capable of affecting the physical world we experience. Those who follow the left hand path love this sort of information.


“How you have fallen from the Heavens, O Morning Star, son of the dawn! How you have been cut down to the Earth, you who conquered nations. In your heart you said: ‘I will scale the heavens; above the stars of God. I will set up my throne; I will take up my seat on the Mount of Assembly, on the heights of Zaphon.’ ”

NAB- Isaiah 14:12-13

Conventional thought dictates that who Isaiah is actually talking about is leyleb benschahar, or the the son of the morning. This is a classic example of the Hermetic philosophy of as above so below. The exact Hebrew phrase used by Isaiah is that of the planet Venus which is called the ‘morning star’ by other near eastern cultures. However, this statement suggests a specific living being because it’s not the neutral term for a planetary body. I would almost guarantee Isaiah intended to convey a double meaning as he was undoubtedly aware of each spiritual being having a corresponding star in the heavens.

St. Jerome actually coined the term ‘light bringer’ when he was translating the Bible into latin thus the title Lucifer was planted in our minds. This forever tied an immensely prideful being alienated from the spiritual hierarchies to the devil. The devil being another word that came into being through translations from language to language. The Greek term ‘diables’ being ‘devil’ in English and simply means slanderer. It was merely a title for the serpent in the garden. The nickname ‘lucifer’ just so happened to stick and evolve into a name, just like the epithet the devil.

What’s even more fascinating is the mystical knowledge shared by the ‘serpent’ is more rebellious than hateful. It’s this distinction that led to the birth of the Luciferian doctrine which separates Lucifer from the adversary, Ahriman. They believe Lucifer was a necessary evil because of how human consciousness developed as a result. This is the hidden knowledge behind the story on the fall of man. Early humanity learned how to use the impulse within to create the desires of the flesh. From this perspective the Law of the Triangle is only evil when used unethically.

Regardless of who this being actually is they’ve played a big part in the development of our consciousness by persuading us to open up to this animal influence. One only has to note this was carried out by convincing Eve God was lying when he warned of bad things happening to those who violate the Divine balance to see an agenda.

“For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

NAB- Gen. 3:5

As we developed the capacity for both good and evil we heightened our sense of self and pulled away from our affectionate contact with the Divine moving towards the pleasures of our senses. So no, we’re not off the hook as far as being responsible for what we choose is concerned. We’ve collectively decided to move in the direction we have and don’t get to paint any nefarious forces as the reason we did it. All this being we call Lucifer actually did was illuminate the sense of self within us, ‘bearing light’ on our ego. So when St. Jerome chose the title Lucifer he was extremely careful in his decision to do so.

To know is incredibly seductive. To know of good and evil naturally divides. To see a dualistic nature of reality gave birth to egotism and our feeling separated from God; a very dramatic expulsion from Eden naturally followed. What a wonderful time to teach human beings how to bend the material world to their selfish desires and disregard one another. Not long after that brother started to kill brother and the world we live in today came into being .This is why the bulk of my ministry involves grace. God always loves us. We are not separate. Never have been. The division is the lie. Think about it.



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