“How narrow the Gate, and constricted the road that leads to life.” -NAB- Matthew 7:14

When I speak of the Fall Of Man I am quick to point out the duality that is birthed within our being in doing so. Our egos have grown quite a bit and we’ve seemed to have fallen out of conscious contact with the Divine. While the Bible explains that by documenting our expulsion from Eden a lot of us have missed a crucial part of Christs’ work.

“And behold, the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom…”

– NAB Matthew 27:51

What was the function of the veil in the Temple? It was to separate G-D from humans. Only the Priest could go into the Holy of Holies where the Ark was kept.

It’s a parable. Think of how Christ taught.

Jesus’ teachings are full of examples of duality and how it blends into our modern society. He urged us to be aware of the type of foundation we are setting for ourselves and to know what, or who, we are serving.

Humanity is riddled with this dual nature that leads us to believe our natural state is slightly bipolar at best and outright schizophrenic at worst. Since we are constantly being pulled between the higher levels of conscious contact with the Divine and the lower realms of the senses it’s easy to see why. (Even that statement has implied duality) To seek the higher states of consciousness tends to leave the practitioner in abject poverty as it often results in their rejecting the material world altogether. On the other hand, individuals who accumulate massive amounts of wealth often feel empty or incomplete. Think Solomon in Ecclesiastes.

It’s the extremes that are the problem. There has to be balance. Think of the philanthropist who donates massive amounts of their personal wealth to alleviate the suffering of others. Some people build companies based on helping people and live very fulfilling and comfortable lifestyles.

“It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the Kingdom of God.”

– NAB Mark 10:25

There are plenty of people who have used this passage as a way to condemn the rich, but I personally feel that’s oversimplifying Christs’ teachings. What do wealth, power and influence provide for us emotionally? They give us a sense of pride and a feeling of security because of how prestigious and grand we appear to others. All that wealth genuinely does is prop up our egos which can lead us to believe that we are more important than others. So, it’s not the wealth that moves us away from a higher state of being, it’s our losing compassion by puffing ourselves up that’s the problem. Ego.

The Bible literally says the material world is our footstool. The comfort we receive from being well cared for is meant to create the space for us to seek the Kingdom of God. It’s the old adage of loving people and using things rather than loving things and using people. The ultimate question being, do you live in love?


This is why I never get into whose beliefs are right or wrong. It just doesn’t matter to me. While I follow a path of Christianized Alchemy it is enriched by eastern mysticism, esoteric philosophy and science. As such I never proclaim to have all the answers. Every time I do the God of my own Heart reminds me of every Yogi or Priest, homeless man or philosopher that has enriched my journey over the years. 

Let the religious argue amongst themselves. They’ll crowd the gates fighting with one another about who’s right or wrong while those of us who live in love will take the narrow way.

Besides, it’s by being a living testament to the grace and love we hold dear that others are drawn into conversation. So, lead by example and be the light the world so desperately needs.


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