A 2013 mural by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra in Miami, Florida.


If your spouse takes the debit card and uses it to buy clothes and groceries do you have faith they’re spending money or do you know they are? See, a lot of us have a belief in the Divine but how many of us genuinely know there is something greater than ourselves?

A 2013 poll by UPI/Harris showed that three-quarters of U.S. adults say they believe in God. That’s 75% of the population. Out of that 75% how many do you think absolutely know God is real?

Prayer and meditation became an integral part of my life in a prison cell. God loved me through a situation most people wouldn’t even want to imagine let alone survive. It would have been easy to leave it at the foxhole prayer stage and not continue upon release but I came to understand that there is a Divine nature to our reality.

See, mystical experience transformed my being and I can no longer imagine my life without God. So today I bear my soul as a means to help others discover God on their own terms.

I’m on parole for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Post coronavirus I have been hired and fired behind my charges twice. Giving up and returning to crime would have been easy. Instead I journeyed within and continued to trust God is moving in my life. As a result, I landed in a sales environment and am being groomed to lead a sales team. The owner considers my background proof of my hunger and laughed off my tattoos by asking “does the tattoo on your neck say unemployed?”

I wake up everyday and thank God for everything that is being done in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to rejoin society and provide for my family legally. The crazy thing is I’m not cool or special and this grace I’m afforded is available to everyone.


I don’t care what you are going through I promise you God is alive and well within all things, yourself included. I say this while my fiance, who has stage 4b cancer, is delivering premature twins 1600 miles away. This pregnancy epitomizes high risk and she is pulling through just the same. Why? Because knowing God is in control and believing God moves in our lives are two very different things.

We knew the risk from the start and accepted the rules of engagement. I won’t be present because I committed a crime and our actions have consequences. She has struggled to breath because twins add pressure to a chest already filled with cancer. It has been a very trying experience. That being said, at no point did either one of us blame God or forget to count our blessings.

Our time on earth will always be limited. People will come and go as they please because only change is constant. We restrict God to a box when we refuse to accept the ebb and flow of our lives and lose sight of the fact we are blessed to be here. No matter the drama, it is good to be alive.

Never forget it’s a privelage to be here and every day above the daisies is another opportunity to share laughter and love with others.


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