“The Temple: that is the human being who receives into his soul, the Spirit.” -Rudolf Steiner

Look, I adore Steiner. He’s a free thinking individual chock full of mystical wisdom but like all mystics he tended to assume people knew what he was talking about. As a result, we find experts on the philosophy of anthroposophy being incredibly detailed with all of this technical information that is of little or no practical value to the student. They go on and on about the allegory of the Temple and how it relates to the Soul without actually saying CONSTRUCT A TEMPLE IN YOUR HEART. We end up with these lengthy treaties about etheric bodies or lemurian times; whatever sounds good to a bustling occultist in search of hidden wisdom.

Yes. Steiner went through great lengths to explain how our Souls expand into the higher planes of existence but none of that means anything if a person has no means of learning how to experience said expansion. We can theorize until we’re blue in the face but no doors are ever opened without a key.

The figure to the right is a basic outline of Solomon’s Temple as described in 1 Kings 6. We see two main chambers, one being a Holy Place with yet another one a bit further in known as the Holy of Holies. That means there was a room that was completely blocked off for everyone except the High Priest. At one point this room housed the Ark of the Covenant and held profound spiritual significance to the people of Israel right. Of course we all learn this in Sunday School so none of that is exactly enlightening.

However, look at the number of lampstands in the Temple. This almost seems to be brushed over by most people who study the Temple when it’s these lampstands that hold the key to the mystery. See, the Temple was built to House the Divine- to be a gateway from the spiritual realms into the physical planes of existence. Of course, there is another diagram that explains this inpouring of Divine Energy into the physical world.

To the left is the world famous Tree of Life found in Kabbalah. While I am currently working on a YouTube video giving a detailed description of the origin of this Wisdom I feel it’s vital to share a few bullet points now. Notice, there are 10 sephirot on the Tree of Life just like there are 10 lampstands found in the Holy Place. There are two pillars outside of the Temple- Jachin and Boaz- that correspond with the two pillars on the Tree of Life.

The Holy of Holies, that place that was beyond our reach before the veil in the Temple was torn represents Ein Sof (אֵין סוֹף)-The Infinite, or “that which is boundless.” Ein Sof manifests into Keter and works through 32 paths of Wisdom. (Trust and believe there is a video coming that will describe just enough of Kabbalah to make it easier to grasp for those of you brave enough to ask a Rabbi about the mysteries)

See, even the concepts we have of the Creator isn’t complete. We have always been taught that the Divine Name is YHVH. However, this is a manifestation of that infinite beyond. It’s another way for us to describe and connect to that which lies beyond our understanding.

Notice I didn’t say it’s impossible for us to know God. We can commune with God, We can achieve the state of consciousness necessary to receive Divine Wisdom; kabbalah being ‘to receive.’ Many a mystics who have gone before us have hinted to how this can happen. Since we’re talking of western esotericism I feel the most direct quote is as follows:

“The Mystic Mason who has heard this inner voice is impelled by an inner urge to seek for the Lost Word; to build a house of God, a Temple of the Spirit, where he may meet the Father face to face and answer his call.”

-Max Heindel (Ancient and Modern Initiation)

See, once you understand that we are to construct a Temple within ourselves to receive Divine Wisdom it becomes very simple to grasp. All of those really beautiful quotes of Christ take on a new life and new meaning. “For, beholdthe kingdom of God is within you.” We are the Temple. We house the Divine. Divinity manifests into the physical world and there is a working system to comprehend how we interact with that play of energy around us. King Solomon literally left us an allegory to crack the code and sprinkled this Wisdom into his Proverbs.

With that in mind one can seek this Divine Wisdom within and ardently pray and meditate. We can follow in the footsteps of Solomon and “seek Her like silver, like hidden treasures search Her out.” All of that starts with meditation. We use our imagination and construct a Temple in our Hearts. We build it to whatever specification we like. Whatever our vision of a Holy Place is we build within ourselves. Once we have the Temple in our heart constructed we meditate within its sanctuary. We pray to God and ask for Wisdom to guide us. Or we light a sacred candlestick within and feel the Divine Presence filling our hearts with light. We can even engrave the Hebrew letter Aleph (א) within our hearts and chant a simple mantra of “Adonai Elohienu! Adonai Echod!” There are dozens of ways we can chose to awaken the Divine Presence within us. It’s a literal matter of personal preference once you have the master key. “Knock and the door shall be opened unto you!” Couple that with an ardent desire to be better today than you were yesterday and you are truly walking in the way.

Eventually, the infilling of the Holy Spirit will take place in a way much more profound than anything I can describe in a few words. Either way, once that guiding light is shining from within every mystic you’ll ever read will be seen with perfect clarity. The still-small voice will speak with an intuitive wisdom beyond all intellectual comprehension. You will cease to be a theorist and will officially be a mystic.

This subject is one I understand to the depth. If you have ANY questions or simply want to know how to get started feel free to ask. It’s literally the whole reason this site is open. I genuinely want humanity to rekindle the Divine Spark within all of us. Just know the Divine loves you and there is so much we stand to gain by serving each other.

Any fault you find with this work is purely my own. Any grace be to God. Thank you so much for reading,


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