“…but we speak only of those things which are difficult, and not to be grasped by the senses, but, indeed, which are almost contrary to the evidence of the senses.”

-The Works Of Paracelsus

Paracelsus immersed himself in nature. While many consider him to be one of the Founding Fathers of natural science they oftentimes overlook how he came to his discoveries. He was an alchemist and like all alchemists he believed the secret to unlocking nature was by listening. Somewhat of an ascetic Paracelsus devoted his life to observing nature and the quiet study of her laws.

As a result, we mystics have received a collection of works with immense treasures buried in their pages. This man gave us beautiful insight into just how magical nature is; how magical life is. May we all learn to look at the natural world with the same sense of awe and wonder Paracelsus had. Who knows, maybe we’ll learn how to see past our senses and genuinely connect in doing so.


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