Meister Eckhart is by far one of the most prolific writers of the Christian mystic tradition. His insights into how we are to become vessels filled with the light and love of God have comforted me in a way few others have. I’d like to share a piece from his Book of Divine Consolation with you as it is absolutely beautiful in its simplicity-

“Therefore our Lord speaks very clearly: ‘Blessed are the poor in Spirit’ (Matthew 5:3) He who has nothing is poor. ‘Poor in spirit’ means that, as the eye is poor and bare of color and yet receptive of all colors, in the same way the man who is poor in spirit is receptive of all spirit, in the spirit of all spirits is God. The fruits of the spirit are love, joy and peace. To be bare, poor, having nothing, being empty, transform nature. Emptiness makes water flow uphill and many other miracles, of which we do not intend to speak at present.

“Therefore, if you would have and find complete joy and consolation in God, then see to it that you are stripped of all creatures and and all comfort from the creatures. For indeed, as long as the creatures can and do comfort you, you will never find true consolation. When, however, nothing but God can comfort you, then indeed God, and with Him and in Him everything that is joy, will comfort you. If you are comforted by that which is not God, you will have no comfort neither here nor hereafter. But if the creatures do not corrupt you and do not give you pleasure, you will find comfort here and hereafter.”

-Meister Eckhart

This is a difficult passage to unpack as the wording is a bit archaic but my mans was writing and preaching back in the 1300’s so it’s par for the course.

What’s being referenced here is the relationship between creature and creator. In order to receive one must empty ones self of earthly desire. That’s a really wordy way of saying we should spend less time looking outwards and more time going inward. Once we seek God within us and start moving in the Spirit the path is revealed as God illuminates from within.

My eastern friends would better grasp this concept by relating it to the loosening of attachments. Once the “I” sense becomes less pronounced we start to awaken to our interconnectedness. We start to see that all is one. Or as Meister Eckhart put it “the spirit of all spirits is God.” This is the path to love, joy and peace.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to pass it on to whoever you think could benefit from these words. Peace be with you all!


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