“Man eats bread, wine, beer, fruit. From these he produces excrements which are carried back to the fields. Seed is sewn upon them and his food grows again from his own excrement. In the same way a tree: when winter robs it of its leaves, they fall down to the roots and turn into the sap that seeps into the roots and feeds in fertilizes its own parent Tree.

“Let a man observe this carefully and he will easily recognize in it the Superius et Inferius Hermetis (the superior and inferior of Hermes), the Catena Aurea Homeri (the Golden chain of Homer) and the Annulus Platonis (the Platonic ring). That is: one thing changes into another and through the everlasting alternation of things turns again into the same thing it had before, or something similar.”

-Of Heaven and it’s Influences (influxes)

We are all but links in a chain comprised of the same elements of Nature. This interconnectedness isn’t merely a lofty ideal shared by mystics but rather something tangible and real that you can verify with your senses.

See the Alchemists of Olde knew the trappings of the intellect weren’t so easily dismissed and found a way to side step them. They’d give their pupils ways they could verify deeper truths based on logic and observation before moving them into the unseen realms.

To say “the all is all” is a very vague description of the Chaos that forms the four elements. It takes years of study and meditation to note the interplay of the Divine at work. Even then, those of us who do gain insight- and I mean understanding how little we actually comprehend – are at a loss of words on how to share Wisdom. So what we are left with are collections of writings from mystics the world over that share vision and perspective without encapsulating truth.

The words become a link in the chain of understanding weaving through the mystery of life. And we… share insights and grow through each exchange. Thus is the nature of our cycle on Earth.

Enjoy the journey!


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