“The source of all evil is for man to turn away from his Lord and set his heart on things ungodly. In all matters, moderation is desirable. If a thing is carried in excess, it will prove a source of evil.”

One of the most beautiful gifts daily practice can offer is us serenity. When we journey within and aspire to be living examples of peace and love our cravings naturally start to subside. We stop running towards the next “best” thing and become complete and satisfied with what we have, where we are. Joy is a state of being. It’s never been dependent on having everything we could ever desire but rather a constant appreciation for the life we live. To live simply is rewarding.

Don’t get me wrong. Not all of us choose to be hermits in quiet country away from it all. Some of us to choose to walk amongst our brothers and sisters and cherish our connection to society; dare I say community. It’s a matter of personal preference in that regard.

If connecting with people online through blogging has taught me anything it’s that there are as many ways through life as there are people journeying. All I’m saying is be grateful for the opportunity to experience life in its entirety, however that may look to you. Because when you look back… it won’t be the things you remember. It’ll be the moments shared with loved ones or the peaceful stillness of the horizon at sunset.

So whatever way you choose, don’t forget to drink in that natural beauty around you and give thanks you’re alive.


2 thoughts on “MINIMALISM IS THE WAY

  1. This is so good. Succinct, and clear. It calls us to step back from the world and breathe.
    Liked your comment on community, would like to hear you expand it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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