“The energy of the mind is the essence of life” -Aristotle

Fun fact: all forms of matter, living and non-living owe their existence to energy. Think about it. All life, from bacteria to humans to the multiverse itself, holds and need energy to exist. From the time you came to be the very cells that you and every action you take requires energy to do so.

Once we truly take in the fact that even what appears to be solid mass is nothing more than energy whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to our senses we begin to grasp a whole new perception of our role as conscious observers. Every single object in our physical world has energy stored within. Einstein was the first scientist to attempt to tackle how much energy is required to make the appearance of mass.

Wait… is matter just energy then?

Yes. The material and immaterial world are both comprised of energy via the Higgs Boson, or unified field of urrythang right. At the subatomic level, the universe is a complex choreography of elementary particles interacting with one another through fundamental forces, which can be explained using a term that physicists of all walks turn to: elegance. Google it as I’m not sure any of us genuinely understand anything in the world of quantum mechanics. Suffice it to say that most physicists are starting to agree upon the fact that everything does actually seem to be interconnected; putting it simply, string theory is legit!!!!

This is an exciting time for mystics of all paths because all of our respected holy books have pretty much taught us that Spirit moves through all things from jump. Scientists may not be familiar with the concept of a Divine Spark but many of us feel very strongly about the divine nature none the less. About the only place where science and the mystic seem to differentiate is because science tends to observe the manifestations of the force of energy without striving to understand what the essence of energy is. It doesn’t make them wrong, just different in their approach.

Whereas in school we’re taught about the four great forces of nature in terms of cohesion, adhesion, attraction, and repulsion the mystic is reminded of the four elements being manifestations of one coherent whole: Spirit.

Careful study of science can actually prove this notion with relative ease. To elaborate what I mean let us turn our attention to a sodium atom. Said atom has no intelligence to speak of yet it somehow ‘knows’ to bond with an atom of chlorine. What force is guiding these bonds?

We see this multiplicity of physical objects that have their origin amidst this invisible, infinite cosmic unity. There’s this intangible force that holds everything together. That’s why the Higgs boson is so bad ass because physics looks like it’s finally connecting the dots behind what that force is.

Now, I’ve always taken comfort in the Hebrew scriptures in that regard:

“For wisdom is more mobile than any motion; because of her pureness she pervades and penetrates all things.”

-Wisdom 7:24

In that regard, it is Spirit that gives matter the expressions we know it to have. From a grain of salt to an entire planet, everything we encounter is literally teeming with Spirit. Our bodies themselves would owe their very existence to this spiritual energy because it’s this energy in the form of cohesion, adhesion, attraction, and repulsion that give our bodies their organic structure. Repulsion being the force that increases as we near death leading to the decomposition of our physical selves. Even then, the cyclic existence of life doesn’t stop as our bodies become food for maggots that till the soil transferring nutrients to the trees that create the oxygen helping to sustain other forms of life on the planet. It’s this never ending cycle of energy changing forms.

“Although she is but one, she can do all things, and while remaining in herself, she renews all things; in every generation she passes into holy souls and makes them friends of God, and prophets…”

-Wisdom 7:27

Maybe I’m a dreamer or maybe Spirit is a universal energy permeating space, time, objects, and us. We know that energy is always ready. We also know energy can never be destroyed and will only change forms. If what we call energy is in fact the Spirit that made friends of prophets then wouldn’t it stand to reason we now have a way of grasping some of the more esoteric methods the prophets employed?

I won’t dive too deep into what I’m implying here. I’ll just leave these thoughts with you guys and let you dance them around a bit. In closing, let us reflect on the words of one of my favorite mystics of the 19th century:

“Life perfects a things existence, for life (soul) is the real basis of light and existence. Consciousness in turn is the light of life. Since life (consciousness) are so important, and a perfect harmony prevails over all creation, the universe displays a firm cohesion… Fire does not consume light, it makes the light brighter. We observe that the eternal power creates countless living beings from inert solid substances, and transforms the densest matter into supple living compounds with life.”

-Beduizzaman Said Nursi


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