“It is the nature of thought to find its way into action.” -Christian Nevell Bovee

In the previous post on the nature of Energy or Spirit we talked about a very old idea: is the ancient mystery concept of Spirit what modern science calls energy? If so, would tapping into the Spirit of the all give us any insight into our place in the cosmos? Is understanding how everything is interconnected the backbone of mystic thought?

We know science has proven that matter- as it manifests on the material plane- is a collection of vibrations that have their origin in light. We could quote all the physics we want and still not wrap our heads around how this actually works. If you ever get bored and want to learn about the dual nature of everything just google “de Broglie wavelength” and hop down the quantum rabbit hole.

(New Age, feelgood gurus should do this anyways; you just might learn some of those absolute truths you cling to are falsehoods.)

Anyways, our bodies themselves can be seen as vibratory manifestations of this energy. Now, mean this in the most basic of ways possible: sperm(masculine)+ egg(feminine)= tiny human! Causality right!?! However, each tiny human becomes a conscious individual- a free thinking entity. Following this line of thinking, what is thought? We can define it in its most simplest forms as the result of brain activity. Accurate as that definition may be it also feels incomplete. It fails to explain how the brain, which is material in nature, can produce what we have come to know as mind- or consciousness. A large portion of the scientific community is dedicated to wrapping their heads around consciousness and the study of mental processes. One of my favorites, who I’ve definitely quoted before, is Dr. Stuart Hameroff who states:

“I think more like a quantum Buddhist, in that there is a Universal proto-conscious mind which we access, & can influence us. But it actually exists at the fundamental level of the Universe, at the Planck scale.”

-any video or book where Dr. Hameroff talks about the Science of Consciousness

Our brains are comprised of cells called neurons right. Somehow their combined activity may lead to what we call consciousness. Inside those neurons are microtubules- which transport substances to the different parts of the cell. Yes, that’s about all we know for certain. Now, Hameroff describes how proteins fold inside the microtubules of our brains is mathematically identical to how thoughts form. Our thoughts seem to arise from within the deepest recesses of our being- deep within our conscious- manifesting in our minds.

For mystics, thought is seen as a special expression of Cosmic Consciousness incarnate in human beings. To be more precise, thought is the result of interactions taking place in the brain between vibration of Spirit and Soul- Conscious and subconscious respectively. This is the great mystery behind one of the opening lines of Genesis:

“Let us make human beings in our image.”

-Genesis 1:26

In… OUR… image!

What if we’re talking about likeness of mind? What if our consciousness, that eternal part of us, springs up within the Cosmic Mind of God? “I AM… a blogger with a blog?” We… humans… are everything we attach to the I sense within us but what if that Divine Spark Kabbalah is so fond of is literally the “I AM” sense before the labels?

What if we share that creative force by being conscious?

Here’s a mystic key to understanding and I encourage you all to use it:

  • Spirit- Consciousness
  • Soul- Subconscious

Try reading the Bible as if it were chronicling the different states of consciousness, or various parts of human evolution. I guarantee you the Bible will take on a very scientific form and your concept of a God outside of you will naturally fade away. This is the true power of journeying within. This is how we learn what Eckhart meant we he said:



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