“The Journey” -by John Kenward

“The true imagination leads life back to its spiritual reality, & then it takes on the name of meditation.”


For those of you not in the know Paracelsus is alluding to our ability to use our objective faculties to visualize. Visualization meditation is a powerful tool for inner transformation-

Think Cloud of Unknowing, Metta Bhavana, the Heart of the Rose, or the Hall of Impressions; all good examples of visualization techniques being utilized in meditation.

-Our true imaginations can visualize the Divine Source of anything we focus on giving us the ability to explore and understand them through meditation. Now, think of the triangle and reflect on the concept of polarity. Where would the Divine Source radiate into the material plane from?

Alchemists concocted all sorts of meditative practices to invoke divine powers, or what they would call inner guides, who would help them move beyond the world of forms (our world) into the cosmic unity at the source of all being.

Naturally, I’m a big advocate for testing the Spirit through the Spirit so I answer to God and God alone but I cannot judge others for how they operate. God manifests in many forms. Where I see Sophia as a redheaded woman I doubt Solomon experienced Her in the same way so I’m quick to accept how other people perceive God. None of us can claim exclusive rights here anyways so why bother arguing over semantics.

All of that being said, the mystical interpretation of the triangle is actually very easy for me to accept as a symbol of creation; from the Holy Trinity to our triune natures- mind, body, and soul. Look at the tetractys to the left because it’s a great meditative tool. One can simply picture the tetractys in their mind and then chant the letters aloud- Yod; Yod, Hey; Yod, Hey, Vav; Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey! (it’s called the tetragrammaton btw-YHVH) Now, as far as the triangle itself is concerned, the lower portion represents the material plane and our struggle with our seemingly dual natures. These two points are then reconciled by rising above our physical being into the higher spiritual realm.

The most straight forward way to reach the spiritual realm is to create a manner of living which is in line with spiritual principles. This means being tolerant of others in thought and deed. Cultivating attitudes of gratitude and projecting humankinds highest ideals is how one really follows Christ- We love our neighbors, we forgive, we treat everyone as equals, all the while with joy for our experience as humans written on our hearts.


“Aleph” by Danny Atman

We can harmonize with the creative force of God through meditation and tune into the light radiating from the core of creation. If you’ve never tried visualization meditation I’m going to give you the most straight forward and easy method possible. You can simply get in a meditative posture and breathe deeply for a few rounds triggering those baroreceptors until you’re completely relaxed. Then you just visualize golden mist pouring into your nostrils filling you with bright white light.

I personally enjoy visualizing the Hebrew letter Aleph at my heart burning a bright golden light throughout my being. I just breathe in feeling each breathe intensify the light within and exhale allowing the light to permeate each fiber of my being.

Either way, a good ten minute session of breathing Divine light, into/from within, you will bring you to a place of incredible calm and tranquility. Once you are completely calm feel that light expand from you into the floor beneath you, the walls around you, your house itself. Continue to spread that light down your block, through your neighborhood, into the city/town/village, filling your country, until finally… you feel the entire planet itself is filled with the peace from the divine light you’ve experienced.

This is a great place to pray for the people you’ll meet, your loved ones, etc. Prayer, in this instance, should always be seen as a way to anchor ourselves and stay grounded. That way when we encounter a situation that sets us on edge we can remind ourselves of what God intends for us. We can remember Gods light and love is always radiating within us and can be projected outwards.

Which leads us back to Paracelsus- our thought life is the vehicle to do this. Why?

“Thought is pure energy. Every thought you have, have ever had, and ever will have is creative. The energy of your thought never dies. EVER. It leaves your being and heads out into the Universe, extending forever. A thought is forever.”

-Neale Donald Walsch



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