“True vision is always twofold. It involves emotional comprehensions as well as physical perception.” -Ross Parmenter

The whole reason mystics, esoteric thinkers, hermetic philosophers and the like speak on polarity is because understanding that everything we like and dislike varies by degree is the best way to break up our black and white thinking. Once we are able to understand how subjective these labels created by society actually are we can move past them.

Nothing is fixed. The annoyances we encounter are always temporary so why in the world would we ever allow them to preoccupy our minds incessantly. If we don’t like our emotional states we have the ability to shift our thoughts back to something we actually value. Our egos are carnal, fragile even; they want to be taken in by material concerns. Ego wants that thing outside of us to matter more than anything. Ego wants to draw us away from going within and seeing the truth; rightness is subjective, taboos and norms are cultural and vary wildly- by degree you could say. Being human comes with this natural urge that wants to react- natural as in it’s normal- but we have a choice. We always have a choice.

Practicing compassion is vital. By being compassionate to all living things we are living the way we are intended to. We show compassion to ourselves when we accept our mistakes and love ourselves for our flaws instead of in spite of them. We become compassionate for others when we accept them as they are in spite of differences in opinion or lifestyle. That doesn’t mean subjecting ourselves to toxic people, it means we let go of our egotistical judgements in the process of showing them out the door of our lives. We demonstrate compassion by wishing everyone well whether we saw them as friend pr foe understanding everyone deserves love.

By acting in this way we are clearing away the emotional debris that blocks us from hearing God speak within us. Once we start to move past our attachments to material concerns God’s light can easily radiate from within. (see: The Power Of Imagination for a few meditative techniques) It is from this place of Divine Light and love that we genuinely develop our inner natures and manifest according to Gods plan. We have to quiet all the noise of the sensory world if we are to hear the still small voice. This is how we awaken to our Divine Nature- that other part of being human.

“Humans are twofold beings. We have a Divine and an animal nature. If we feel, think, and act as Divine beings should act we are true humans; if we feel and act like an animal, we are then an animal, and the equal of those animals whose mental characteristics are manifested in us. An EXALTED IMAGINATION caused by a desire for the good raises us up; a LOW IMAGINATION caused by a desire for that which is low and vulgar drags us down and degrades us. The Spirit is the Master, imagination the tool, and the body the plastic material.”


Control your thoughts and you control your energy. control your energy and you control what’s brought into your life, at least to some degree. If you are more animalistic in nature then carnal desires are obviously more prevalent but if you truly desire understanding your place in the Universe then it’s your spiritual self that has the answer.

Note this lesson well and write it on your heart. To abstain from the distractions of rightness and judgement is to focus on the Divine Spark present in all things. This is what the statement “the only way out is in” is actually designed to teach. When something outside of you stirs something within that stirs emotions the only real way to overcome what you’re feeling is to understand what your feeling. That requires diving into pain and exploring those things every fiber of our being wants us to run from

Everything in the world of mysticism- spirituality in action- is so contrary to the senses it almost all seems backwards at first. Children are taught in Sunday School about a God separated from them looking down from above and then Christ comes along and says “Behold! The Kingdom of Heaven is within you!” It’s a shocking realization to be sure but it’s one many of us have had. What separates the mystic from everyone else is the mystic applies the revelation to their daily lives.

“It’s simple but it ain’t easy.”

-Random A.A. saying


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