In our last chat together on Salt, Sulfur and Mercury we talked about how alchemists viewed our consciousness. We took a look at our triune natures- mind, body and soul- and briefly mentioned how they connect to the Divine.

Today, I’d like to elaborate on the alchemical concept of Divine creation. To the left is a picture of the Holy Trinity inside of another triangle completing the six-pointed star we all know as the Star of David. This isn’t merely some artistic rendering based on symmetry but a key to understanding our interconnectedness.

Mystically speaking, triangles represent stability. When alchemists depicted the two interlocking triangles they were illustrating how our mind. body and soul was woven into the fabric of Gods creative essence; Creature and Creator together.

When Christ calls us the ‘salt of the world’ it’s because we are flesh and blood children of the earth who house the Divine- our ‘I” sense being the great “I AM!” God, the Father of Lights, pours from above to below where God, the Holy Spirit, radiates within us and Christ, the light of the human race, came in the flesh to show us the way. We are given free will and allowed to do as we please. That is, as the symbol for salt suggests, our cross to bear. Christ urged us to take up our cross and follow him. The triangle will forever be a symbol of balance, stability and perfection with innumerable applications, this just happens to be my favorite. Christianized alchemy- of the Golden Chain of Homer variety- is something I feel deep within my being.

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”

-Ephesians 5:14

The Apostle Paul was alluding to the source of our Creative Power- every good and perfect gift comes from above right. If sulfur(consciousness) directs mercury(life force) through salt(body) then we are 100% in control of how we live. So when we talk of utilizing mental alchemy to create our state of being the Christian path gently reminds us where this gift comes from. By using our objective conscious in this manner we are striving to create and fortify an incorruptible spiritual body in Christ reflected in our physical being.

Naturally, we are created in Gods image so one should view the Holy Trinity in a manner that adds depth to our understanding of our triune nature. After all, this is how we begin grasping our place in the cosmos. That Divine Spark we tap into through our mental faculties emanates from on High. So even Gnosticism didn’t technically teach that it’s our power to create but rather God working through us.

Just food for thought.


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