We talk a lot about healing. Let go and let God. Forgive and forget. Embrace our shadows. Live in love. Yadda yadda!!!


How many of us genuinely consider what we’re letting go of? How often do we have epiphanies that show us how much easier it is to just let go and love.

Let go of how people made us feel. Let go of our self righteous need to be right. Let go of desire to react in anger when we are wronged.

How often do we choose love? How often do we look at situations and choose to show mercy rather than annihilation when we have the upper hand?

That’s what letting go means.

When we reach a point where our ability to love outweighs our need to hate we truly become children of peace. When we can see the hurt behind the actions of the people who have wronged us. When we truly see the speck in their eye we find the ability to remove the plank from our own.

Once anger passes it reveals our hurt. When we see the source of our pain we can choose to react to it or walk away.

Hurting others is always a choice. Playing tit for tat is always a choice. We are constantly making choices that decide our destiny whether we choose to acknowledge them or not.


Letting go takes so much less energy.

Besides, we are always in control of how we act. Our actions will always reflect who we are as people. So the only real question is…

How do we want to live?


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