“Understanding your motivation for a decision helps you stay committed to it.“. -Brant Menswar

Some of us really go through it in life. Bad things happen at those developmental stages and we go off the rails. We run around with all this pain and our families and friends watch with horror as we descend into darkness.

Most people don’t understand why we fall so they cut ties with us completely. We eventually end up suffering alone. We get lost in the madness of drugs, alcohol, risk seeking behavior; whatever takes that pain away.

If you’re one of those people over the age of 30 chances are no one ever tied in Epigenetics and Generational Curses for you. Just know that you’re not alone.

Scientific rationale tended to write off suffering people as bad seeds. We were given all sorts of labels:

  • Black sheep
  • Can’t get right
  • Lost cause
  • Problem child
  • Criminal/ Scumbag
  • Junkie/ Dope fiend

Those labels ended up defining many of us. We succumbed to the madness and started seeing ourselves as less than.

Now, some of us were fortunate enough to have that one person, that one spiritual experience, that shed light within us. We learned our values and began to see a way out of the chaos and darkness. In time we even learned to wear those labels as badges of honor. We became proud of what we went through. Not because it wasn’t painful. Not because it didn’t push us past our breaking points. Rather, because we learned that there’s no such thing as a lost cause.

Most people who went through devastating trauma in the early years of their lives learn to live with their demons. We learn to live with what we happened to us and eventually overcome them. We go on to be psychologists, priests, volunteers at a battered womens shelter or prison, ex-cons with a blog on mysticism. We go on to give the grace we were afforded to others.

We learn that those really heartbreaking scenarios are the good stuff. We begin to see how surviving them placed us in a position of power. We begin to see compassion as the answer. As we forgive those who hurt us we learn to overlook the trauma responses in others. We see how pain shapes the decisions many of the people we find annoying are making. Then we learn to pray over them, to wish them well, to help them see their way through.

Your story doesn’t end here. Everything you went through was preparation for a better tomorrow. You will survive this. Moreover, you will overcome and become the change this world needs. You are loved.

Now get out there and rock the world you beautifully flawed human being.


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