That awkward moment when an introvert falls into the need to cooperate with others through study of protein synthesis. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I spent most of my life pretty introverted and withdrawn into myself. At times I’ve had this deep sense that I am just diametrically opposed to the common worldview. Like I’ve watched people en masse for years and sometimes it would just baffle me to the point I felt like I was from another planet.

In some ways mysticism has grounded me. I’ve learned to roll out a prayer rug and settle on top of a pillow. After all… Silence teaches.

This was life changing for me. Once all the internal chatter stopped I was able to see the world around me with clarity.

Granted, while breathing techniques and visualization may have driven me deeper into myself than some I have spent years meditating against trees which draw from the earth and reach to the sun. To be rooted is to understand who you are. To reach to the sun is to recognize the beauty of shared experience no matter the weather. It’s the sharing that makes it life.

Words like community and cooperation became catchphrases that kept me awake at night. I’d lay there and ask: How in the world are you going to make an impact when you can’t even understand how others think?

So I started the education process. I’m working my way through an LCDC program and absorbing as much conventional wisdom and knowledge as my psyche will allow. Personality tests. Archetypes. Jungian analytics. Social science, statistics; all this deeply intellectual material at our fingertips.

But why is my mode of thinking alien?

Then it hit me. I am grounded in who I am. I’ve always observed the world and kept a part of myself from it. For as long as meditation has been a part of my life I have constructed this Temple in my heart space and acted from that space knowing nothing outside of me actually matters.

Because of that I’ve always sort of ignored the popular culture speak. I don’t shit post because I don’t know enough about current affairs to do so. I don’t watch sports and weird German sci-fi trumps any award show for movies I didn’t watch any day of the week.

But other people care. They like Ellen. They know what’s going on and love to talk about it. What do I look like rambling on about Stuart Hameroffs recent article on Consciousness being the collapse of wave function to my coworkers while we chop up vegetables for a banquet.

So I’ve learned to ask about social things I’m unfamiliar with and even watch a few of the suggestions. It’s given me commonality with people and created the space for me to learn from others in a genuine way.

When an introvert- sigma specific– realizes that the vast majority of people are very concerned about the world around them they realize how they relate to things. They realize how others develop a sense of definition- who they are- by their interests in sports or music, whatever the case may be. We begin to grasp how these social constructs and identities matter to people. Then we see a clear and concise course of action through the social landscape. We see how we can teach what we’ve learned through introspection to people who learn by playing in the swimming pool so to speak. After all, didn’t they teach us about what’s happening in the world of social media. It’s only fair.

In the mix of one of these reflective points I caught myself brushing up on genetics preparing for the next semester right. I was reading about how DNA transcribes into RNA which moves outward and copies itself into mRNA. Protein synthesis, yadda yadda, and I realized that every great achievement has followed this basic pattern of life.

Every truly remarkable discovery has started as an idea that duplicates itself upwards through trial and error until we achieve. Lightbulbs. Vaccinations. Microprocessors. All of these monumental things started as ideas in peoples heads.

Now the truly successful people who push those ideas into the world do so through cooperation. They create these bonds with other minds that carry their own information and come up with something completely new that everyone benefits from.

I mean this is how our bodies function.

Ideas and innovations are no different. We could have the best vision in the world but if there’s no one there to expand on it and help us perfect it then how will we ever get it out there? We wouldn’t even exist without genetic cooperation so it’s preposterous to even assume we can collectively grow without cooperation.

Learning alternative views and perspectives just starts to make sense.

And that’s a conclusion that doesn’t even account for epigenetics and how our outside environment helps define who we are genetically. Sprinkle in the shadow self and emotions and one can’t even fathom creating a dynamic philosophy without seeing how others vibe with it.

So a rocket scientist IQ is great. Spiritual wisdom is phenomenal. Those things are integral parts of our becoming the best versions of ourselves. I live for that shit.


It’s not a life well lived until it’s shared with others. So, yes, even at a genetic level everything spirals inwards and upwards. Duplicates and expands. We just happen to expand by bonding with each other and allowing others to transcribe their ideas on top of our own. That’s how society functions.

Mystical Mindstate out!


2 thoughts on “HOW WE CONNECT

    1. Oh! There’s no escape hatch yet,😂, I have no idea how to apply this approach. I don’t people very well and small talk is still foreign. The next part involves sharing experience from a personal place and learning what others have done to grow. That’s a relatively new journey on my end. Willingness helps. Why can’t it be brass tacks all the time? 😏


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