There’s a fair amount of what some would call Magick to my spiritual path. Seeing life as cyclic in some ways means respecting the cycles of seasons. No one needs a calendar to achieve this sort of practice. All they have to do is look up into the night sky and pay attention to the cycles of the moon. One finds it very easy to practice certain meditative techniques on rotation as result.

We ground in the New Moon and draw from the Earth. We set intentions for renewal and ask God for guidance. Once we have our answers we move forward in the first quarter and start carrying out the spiritual goals we’ve set. On and on the cycle of spiritual growth continues as we move towards Divine Union.

Sometimes we experience very profound moments of clarity.

At the height of the most recent full moon I fell into a practice I’ve done many times before. A simple meditation on the tetragrammaton that involves deep breathing and movement of the head. You breathe in leaning your head back- Yod- and exhale touching your chin to your chest- Hey. You breathe in moving your left ear towards your left shoulder-Vav- and exhale leaning your right ear towards your right shoulder-Hey.

This is a meditation I’ll do for about 15-20 minutes or so writing the letters above my head with each passing of the breathe. After some time is spent writing the letters and allowing them to flow over me I roll my neck 3-4 times allowing it pop and release any tension and I sit under the tetragrammaton for a while changing my pattern of recital. Breathe in- Yod, breathe out- Hey. Breathe in- Vav, breathe out-Hey.

Normally I allow the names to sort of glow over me before reciting whatever passage from the Wisdom books is weighing on me at the time but I had a prompting. Now, this prompting seemed to have come from something in the name itself. Skipping all the mystical details I felt instructed to breathe the name into my heart and write it on the altar of my inner temple.

Experience is sometimes more difficult to explain than it is to find a decent picture that has a moon glowing in the heart of a person meditating in a mountain temple in their minds eye under the moonlight. Blah. Explain that one to people who don’t meditate.

Anyways, as I was writing the tetragrammaton on my heart feeling God pour into me another image came to mind. One we find in alchemy where the sun is over the moon wrapped in an ouroboros.

As I was feeling Divinity reflected within me my conscious and unconscious awareness seemed to intertwine for a spell. It’s like the usual parts of me that were in conflict had stopped for a moment and decided to be finite amongst the infinite.

Please forgive how cryptic I’ve been in describing the experience as these are the pieces I find most difficult to define. I don’t know what God is or how to explain why the names seem to work like keys but there is something in the name. Some deeper and more profound piece of our existence being conveyed in the Tetragrammaton. It’s like the power of God is resting in the syllables ready for us to enter the gates of understanding.

There’s something in the symbolism of the sun and the moon that tie in here. I’ve coined the matter in intellectual terms many times before; the most recent being a post on Mental Alchemy.

These ancient, archetypal symbols stir something deep within our psyche. It’s something we all become aware of at different points with different levels of understanding but God is there waiting. Whatever shift happens within us at those points may never be accurately described. Or they already were and we have to sift through the texts and find their meanings.

I’m not so sure. In fact, the deeper into the mystery of God I go the less I’m sure I understand. I just know God is always waiting within the silence and any of us are able to step into that space.

It is a space of mystery full of more questions than answers but alas that’s where the intellect stops and one is forced to write the name of God on their hearts.


That’s where the Magick starts.


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