As we dove into the roots of Christian history and Theology I feel it would be helpful to site some of the sources used. These are all titles I’ve read, or listened to, during the past few months. Feel free to study to your hearts content. They are all fantastic pieces of work with extraordinary views. Happy hunting.

Forgive me for sharing mostly audiobooks. I am an auditory learner who tends to memorize what I hear.

Some of these are collections of lectures by scholars whereas others are actual texts. I wouldn’t be surprised if several of the lectures were the results of books written by the scholars respectively. Others are written by regular people who have studied the scriptures and their origins en masse. Either way, it’s a good starting point for deepening our understanding of the early church.



  1. The Gospel of Thomas 22 and 114 show a very good example of either lost in translation problems, or other human motives bleeding through by mixing the message. However; this Gospel is perhaps the one of the best in keeping the core true messages simple for everyone. Mistranslations turn into misinterpretations which creates chaos, not to mention the fact that the many languages that have evolved with massive layers of unnecessary vocabulary were done so mainly to conceal information from the masses. As the masses learn to read, add more big words and theories. “Want to know something about these complex and mysterious words we use , well come to our schools and we will teach you if you pass our tests.”


    Jesus said to them, “When you make what is two into one, and make what is outside like what is inside and what is inside like what is outside, and make what is above like what is below, and when you make man and woman into the same thing, so that the man is not a man nor the woman a woman, when you replace eyes with eyes, hands with hands, feet with feet, and an image with an image, then you will enter the Kingdom.”


    Simon Peter said to the other disciples, “Mary should leave us, for women do not deserve life.”

    Jesus said to him, “Watch – I will show her the way to become a man, so that she too may become a living spirit like you men. For any woman who becomes a man will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”


    1. Both verses are about internal work so of course they’re misrepresented. Most people don’t think in that way. The Gospel of Thomas is a type of meditation manual that makes absolutely no sense to people who don’t meditate.

      This isn’t about a cabal of powerful people hid messages from regular people. Allegory and parables have always been used in teaching mystical doctrines as a sort of spiritual safeguard. “The moral of the story is,” being a prime example of that. Sadly, people don’t care. Doctrinally speaking, mysticism has never had mass appeal because it requires work. Now those keys have always been hidden in plain site and no amount of mistranslation can change them. Interpretation at face value did create doctrine though. So, we teach the journey within to the few who want to journey within.

      This isn’t an intellectual thing. God was, is, and always will be in the silence beyond our waking minds. God exists within our hearts- the mystical seat of our soul.

      “The heart has wisdom the head knows not.”

      At some point I’ll get into the really meaty parts of Thomas but this is not the time. This is a reading list containing a handful of books I’ve read and studied over the past few months. It was literally shared so people could have a few sources and frames of reference to try and make sense of how we came up with dogma out of mystical teaching.

      It’s the journey within that teaches us how paradoxes are reconciled. But. Most people don’t think like that because of social conditioning or the choice to focus on the material aspects of life and that’s okay. My only aim is to point them inwards because I know where God is- everywhere within everything, especially people. It just takes time to train ourselves to not take everything at face value and look deeper.


      1. I understand your point and very much like your approach. Although, it is not conspiracy theory when referring to purposely obscuring the messages and / or allegories and parables. Knowing this helps seekers better unravel the questions somewhat and teach them to read between the lines where true wisdom lies. I’ve covered this in several of my posts previously. While there were many reasons for concealment of the messages here is an excerpt from Albert Pikes, Morals and Dogma, 32nd degree Freemasonry that clarifies what I mean and actually hints at many other very true occult secrets –

        [Master of Royal Secret]

        The Occult Science of the Ancient Magi was concealed under the shadows of the Ancient Mysteries: it was imperfectly revealed or rather disfigured by the Gnostics: it is guessed at under the obscurities that cover the pretended crimes of the Templars; and it is found enveloped in enigmas that seem impenetrable, in
        the Rites of the Highest Masonry.
        Magism was the Science of Abraham and Orpheus, of Confucius and Zoroaster. It was the dogmas of this Science that were engraven on the tables of stone by Hanoch and Trismegistus. Moses purified and re-veiled them, for that is the meaning of the word reveal. He covered them with a new veil, when he made of the Holy Kabalah the exclusive heritage of the people of Israel, and the inviolable Secret of its priests. The Mysteries
        of Thebes and Eleusis preserved among the nations some symbols of it, already altered, and the mysterious key whereof was lost among the instruments of an ever-growing superstition. Jerusalem, the murderess of her prophets, and so often prostituted to the false
        gods of the Syrians and Babylonians, had at length in its turn lost the Holy Word, when a Prophet announced to the Magi by the consecrated Star of Initiation, came to rend asunder the worn veil of the old Temple, in order to give the Church a new tissue of legends and symbols, that still and ever conceals from the Profane, and ever preserves to the Elect the same truths.


      2. Christianity is a mystery school. Always has been. That’s why they had speakeasies like passing the peace. Plenty of Masonic Scholars and members of AMORC have connected the dots between the mystery schools in Kemet and Christ. Traces of that come down to us in the translation of the Bible we have today. For instance, Mary and Joseph hid in Kemet when the puppet king Herod went to kill all the first born children. Obviously, the people in Qumran had some sort of connection with Kemet.

        That being said, Kemet represents the material world. It’s a Kabbalah thing greatly misrepresented by western occultists. The Magi bent the world to their will as opposed to bending their will to the Divine Source. That’s hidden in the Name of God invoked by Moses. “I Am the I Am.” It’s one of those allegories that gets brushed over publicly.

        Like, you definitely study. You definitely reflect. How many people do you think are doing the same? How many people are actively looking for God? How many people are completely comfortable with dogma and rites to observe?

        That’s my only point- as long as we are focused purely on the physical parts of existence any hope of understanding the world beyond the illusion is hopeless. They’ll stay in bondage in Egypt until they look beyond it.


      3. And speaking of Masonic philosophers. I got a new book the other day. Apparently, A.E. Waite translated all of Paracelsus’ hermetic and alchemical works into one volume. Of course, it’ll be shrouded in symbolism only Paracelsus understood but it’ll still be fun to read.


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