“I AM” The Simple Answer

“And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I Am hath sent me unto you.” -Exodus 3:14


Way way way back in the 13th Century BCE we have this fantastic story that emerges from the Babylonian Exile. Moses drops some of the trickiest Hebrew of all time with the simple use of “I Am the I Am.” I mean, this phrase has baffled scholars.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We’re all relatively familiar with how versatile Ehyeh actually is in this context.

“I will become what I choose to become”

I Am what I was and forever will be- what/who/the- I Am what I was and forever will be. There’s an eternity to any way you spin it but what of Egypt?

Why is this message being shared with them?

What does Egypt represent?

Now this was 400 some odd years before David and Solomon. The Israelites would have been a more like Bedouins- traveling nomads than a city state and Egypt would have been a dynasty that had been in full swing for thousands of years.

That would make Egypt- they called it Kemet by the way- a cultural epicenter of the day. It would very much represent the material world- material wealth, health, culture, etc. As such, they had several mystery schools sharing divine wisdom and would have been seen as a sort of spiritual authority of their day.

Now, their Magi were definitely skilled. They turned rods into snakes, creating life by transforming elements into living things. Moses immediately grabs the snake by its tail showing he doesn’t fear the source of their power while transforming the snake into a rod.

One bends the world to their will while the other submits their will to the will of the Source of Divine power.

This is significant when one considers who Moses tells the people of Kemet who sent him. “I AM the I AM.” He was essentially saying that their source of power wasn’t them.

Let’s modernize this a bit and tie it into our common understanding.

That I sense within you, where does that come from?


So, where is God?

God is.

Before conditioned awareness there is only God. “You shall have no other gods before me.” This is the mystical secret of the ages. In the silence beyond our senses there is only God.

Think about that when you hear statements that imply consciousness is the ground of all being.

God is.


2 thoughts on ““I AM” The Simple Answer

  1. You have inspired me my friend to simplify in a way that may help open more eyes. Since you have studied Qabalah you might like to read over the post of Holy Tarot for Two (The Secret Key) that I just recently updated on the site. It may help many more understand the “universal golden thread” to many of the ancient messages and the messages of Christ and other ascended Masters.

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