A Message To The Weary Traveler

“No matter how long you have traveled in the wrong direction, you always have the choice to turn around.”

We are weary by nature in many ways. The process of learning from mistakes, growing and evolving as we stumble through life can be daunting. Our struggles seem highly personalized as we meet with upset after upset.

Of course, none of these feelings of exhaustion belong to one person nor are they anything new. It’s a fact of life that hurdles grow higher the more we seek lasting change. C’est la vie.

If you’re one of those weary travelers thinking of tossing in the towel or returning to known territories the message here is simple.


Struggle produces results. Change is a painful process. The more we go through the more we grow as people. The more we endure the more we learn to appreciate the ebbs and flows. The more we learn to trust our inner guides the more we understand. This spiritual path is a slow, round curve with no direct step from A to B. There will always be setbacks. There will always be moments that test us and old fears will always be there to tell us how little we’ve changed.

These are the lies we tell ourselves. It’s easy to lose sight of our progress and remind ourselves of who we were. That’s because a huge part of ourselves doesn’t want to change or face new challenges. Looking at our shortcomings comforts us when we don’t live up to our potential.

We say “of course you failed because you’re a failure and everything you touch turns to dust.”

Compassion and kindness isn’t something meant to purely be shared with others. We must first learn to be compassionate and kind to ourselves when we fail. To analyze the mistakes we make doesn’t mean we should kick ourselves in the teeth for failing. It means we’re human and have a few kinks to work out.

It’s in forgiving ourselves that we find the strength to move forward aware of our own weariness.

Just food for thought b


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