Spirituality Is Subjective

“The instinct of individuation is found everywhere in life, for there is no life on earth that is not individual. Each form of life is manifested in a differentiated being naturally, otherwise life could not exist.” -C. G. Jung

I love the way Jung framed things. He had a tendency to highlight the individual nature of life before tossing individuation on its head entirely. Where he saw conscious interconnectedness as an important aspect of life he also saw individual consciousness as how we experience life.

Both are vital to the seeker. Both are vital to our understanding as people. While this may seem confusing anyone who has glanced over quantum physics has come into contact with the observer effect- the disturbance of an observed system by the act of observation. Any meditator can tell you, in detail, how mindfulness ties into observing the observed within.

Jung being a deep thinker who worked tirelessly on bringing the foundation of eastern philosophy into western psychology without seeing it as a mere novelty wrote several pieces on this phenomenon. We are all indebted to this man’s research and have so much to learn from Jungian analytics.

If you’re interested in reading more of Jungs thoughts the above quote was taken from The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga. I highly recommend reading it.


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