Meditation: Web Of Life

Begin by coming into yourself. Settle in and bring awareness to your mind and body. Take note of how you feel and allow yourself to simply be.

Shift your mind to your breathe. You don’t have to change your breathing pattern, just breathe naturally.

Bring your attention to your body itself. Feel the air coming into your nostrils and filling your body.Note the weight of your body against the ground below. Reflect on how you are connected to the floor which is connected to the walls, the ceiling. The structure itself rests on the Earth which is constructed of materials that come from the very ground our bodies are propped up on.

Allow your awareness to sink further into the Earth beneath you. Feel the Earth embrace you. In this moment there is nowhere you need to go, nowhere you have to be. Just let yourself be held by the Earth.

Think of someone who would hold you in a loving embrace. Think of your loved ones being held in the same way feeling safe and at ease. Consider how the Earth holds all living things, regardless of affiliation, religious beliefs, or race- no discrimination, no separation, no preconceived notions.

Mother Earth hold all beings, nothing is left out. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Our planet is part of a solar system that is a part of a much larger Universe. It is all interconnected. The Earth, the Sun, the stars, even our bodies, are all comprised of the same matter- the same particles- arranged in their own ways. Feel that sense of being home within your body and mind at peace with the Universe. Stardust that belongs to stardust.

Return to your breath, breathing in the grace of the Universe. No isolation. No separation. Just interconnected.

Now focus on sharing that feeling with everyone else in the Universe. Breathe out that love and peace you feel. Wish everyone well, that they may share in the love and happiness you feel in the moment.


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