Where Souls Breathe Into Creation

“formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature

In the previous post we looked at how mathematics describes our multidimensional existence. We looked at the steps science takes to describe the complex nature of matter, movement, and time works beyond concepts we physically grasp.

I hinted at a deeper level of knowing being present in the Hebrew scriptures by alluding to how Yeshua taught the Kingdom of God to His pupils. Now I want to go a little bit further into that and describe how Spirit flows into the Nature of Being from a completely mystical point of view.

If this were a class setting we’d be spending weeks exploring John 3:5-7 and address these points slowly as opposed to dropping them side by side over the span of a few days.

However, this isn’t a class setting so I can only urge you to look at the overarching message of the last few posts and assimilate them into your own studies. If you haven’t looked at how the 4th Gospel relates to the metaphysics of Kabbalah then it becomes very difficult to separate the Platonic elements from our modern understanding. Because the Hellenist element is present in the early church much of the deeper mystical truths of scripture get lost in a Greek philosophy that stood at odds with classical Judaism.

Unfortunately, the entire backbone of Christian identity rests on Hebrew scripture. If we aren’t looking at the big picture being painted in the doctrine we get restricted and put God in a box.

Look at how the Kingdom of God flows right into your being from a Divine source. We are Ru’ahh memallela- we can hold thoughts and express them through actions and tackle really abstracts concepts so long as we’ve attuned ourselves to know. Shoot for El Shaddai and reach through neschemah.

We could intellectualize it but at the end of the day it’s only special if it’s heart felt. Ru’ahh means Spirited. ”A presence inhabiting a space.” Meaning a Holy Place. Ru’ahh is forever the Artisan.

Then there’s Nefesh. “That which is flesh is flesh.” Careful attention reveals layers within the flesh and that water is experienced. We feel that pulse in the Earth and just know we’re a part of something big that’s alive.

When we trace our steps backwards to the Great “I AM” we see our True Eye behind the egos we project to stay attuned to our groove as we move through form, “Spirited form.” Since every level is interconnected we can sense how this life force just flows into our awareness of being.

As you get really tuned in you begin to see which level of being you’re carrying yourself from at different stages of your life. You learn to draw further up and further in. When these layers fold into themselves and you see each link in the chain you’ve created a chariot.

This is Merkhavah- Chariot mysticism goes way back to the Prophets on the other side of Yeshua’s time here. To contemplate through Neshamah- at that intellectual level to create- requires ru’ahh and nefesh to cooperate. We settle the senses and still our bodies. We breathe deeply and activate those barrow receptors aligning our hearts and lungs. Our intellects ride our Souls ru’ahh from an awakened heart into nefesh- an awakened field- which is riding in an awakened being. We awaken and see.

Naturally, ru’ahh flows into something higher, the hayyah, which elevates even higher. Into what, I cannot say. Yehidah is well beyond anything I’ve experienced. There are rooms, or realms, I’ve stepped into beyond the concept of here and now, thresholds with oceans of “I’s,” but Merkhavah go higher than I’ve been and those experiences became canon. It is only my hope that you can read and see for yourselves the archetypes I can’t teach directly.

The Prophets that passed on the Merkhavah studies did so by word of mouth. From generation to generation training their lineage to meditate and know. Working towards experiencing Olam ha’Ba “the World-To-Come” and knowing what it means to be home. To ride the heart without clinging to the idea we’re doing it or turning our attention to sensations takes us to where we see creation from the perspective of Divine Grantor- we enter the Throne Room and all of existence is seen through the eyes of “I AM.”


“‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind’ and ‘Your neighbor as yourself.'”

-Luke 10:27

Count that out one time. The heart is the key to unlocking everything Christ ever taught.


  • Begin with some deep breathing. Come into yourself and just focus on the breathe. Feel your lungs expand and allow your body to relax. Let go of any tensions and just feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.
  • Follow the deep breathing in through your nostrils, your throat, lungs, and diaphragm. Count them out for a few rounds. Breathe in 1-2-3-4. Exhale 4-3-2-1. Find the rhythm of the cycle, and put your hand over your heart. Feel the rhythm of your heartbeat and count the measures of your breath. Feel Water & Spirit flowing through you.
  • Just sit with it a while and notice the relationship between your heart beat and your breathing. Feel the very real connection between oxygen and blood taking place within you right now. Experience the union within you. It’s love you’re experiencing, harmony.
  • Pay attention to how your mind relates to this connection between soul and heart. How do you process observing this internal melody and what images come to mind are important. This threefold (3-D) experience is happening within the strength breathed into your flesh. All that stardust has came into being and you’re the one experiencing it.
  • Breathe deep into your heart and feel God filling you with love. As you exhale expand your heart towards God and share the love you feel. Feel the ebb and flow flowing in and out with the breathe as love streams in and out of you. Spend as longs as you like in the stream.
  • When you’re finished give your thanks to the soul flowing into you and wish the world well.

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