A Message To Occultists: Mineral Not Animal

When we look at the mystical aspects of any path there are just some who see a way to build on what they already know as they continue the Great Work within themselves. We recognize each other without ever even needing to speak.

Some people will come across this site and cherry pick the hashtags and read exactly what they want to see leaving entire sections untouched. (I promote this behavior because it’s exactly what I would do.) Use your best discernment and search your depths for Wisdom.

Paracelsus will be remembered as the Father of Modern Medicine and we’ll continue to remember the Alchemist:

The true imagination leads life back to its spiritual reality, and then it takes on the name of meditation.

We know we can use our objective faculties to visualize internally. We know that our thoughts have an animal desire to them fused into them by our DNA. We are creators of reality; old hat. The Lamp of The Body possesses an imagination that can visualize the divine source of anything we can silence ourselves into perceiving.

Alchemists concocted all sorts of meditations to invoke Divine Powers, or what’s called Inner Guides in some circles, who would lead them beyond Assiah (The world of forms). Consider what that actually means a moment.

When you reach this point, where you’re stepping into those Inner Temples that’s usually when the big moment happens. Direction is vital. Now chances are if you’ve came this far a teacher has probably presented themselves but trust and believe this isn’t one to do alone.

If you’ve already stepped through and met the eternity of our being then I want you to notice where this pull into the stream is most felt. We all know the image above and how it relates to our being. So what forces do you feel the strongest? Is there balance in the Triangle?

The animal allure is the one to watch for.

Jesus said, “Blessed is the lion which becomes man when consumed by man; and
cursed is the man whom the lion consumes, and the lion becomes man.”

-Gospel of Thomas 7

This isn’t some airy fairy hippie doublespeak, it’s a very clear indication of direction. The animal within cannot rule. It must be bridled my the mind and balanced by the heart. There is no other safe way to proceed. Any goddess you’ve encountered with a carnal lust or a desire to possess is not the Divine Feminine. She is the living element beyond the forms and will hold everything in balance. If you don’t feel balanced and centered you’re being drawn away from your work.

Just remember the roots of the science. Before it was any form of western esotericism it was a deeply guarded mystical truth. The same people who shared the science shared the belief the entire Universe is written in the foundational letters of the Hebrew language. They weren’t mystics or occultists in any silly 21rst century sense. They were servants who brought the Divine Will into Assiah- our world of forms.

“Salvation comes from the Jews.”

I’ll separate the religion in that completely now and speak as an Initiate. In whatever way you comprehend the Infinite-Something-Greater-Than you can always find your way back via the letter Aleph alone.

No matter how far out you go this letter carries a collective understanding of an entire tribes understanding of cosmic unity. Lighting it in your heart and chanting-

“The Lord is Our God, The Lord Our God is One.”

-will bring you back into place. You may get singed a little out there but God always comes to those who know God Is when it’s time. Just remember that if/when meditation, or things experienced meditating, take you out of balance to a place of feeling lost and disconnected. God Wills, and that Will can bring you back. Even the most alluring parts of ourselves that set blinds at the feet of those who follow us can’t remove Cosmic Union from being.

Not a soapbox. Live your truth. Embrace your path. Pray how you pray and worship what you will. Just remember the fabric of the universe recognizes the Great I AM and that recognition alone can serve as the light no matter where you’ve gone.

If this seems overtly cryptic it’s because I’m not talking to you. This is respect for the ones who have given an audience to the site and have allowed me to share. I recognize we aren’t all servants who seek God for guidance at every turn. Some of us are just cut different and have felt the energy of life from birth and choose not to give it a name. Some allow the occulted to remain hidden and seek to understand why we’re here without labels. Armchair occultists and new age gurus prey on the ignorance of others and want an audience. In spite of that, our collective soul is still awakening. We’re sensing more and more so I had to get this out. Pay attention to how energy flows through your body. Recognize the sources and seek the balance. To say it simply:



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