The Interconnected Life Of Symbolism

Mystical practice is always passed on right under the words through symbols. Literal minded people find completely different meanings than introverted spiritualists. Figurative language speaks directly to Soul while the moral of the story getsthe attention of the mind. Something deep within us stirs sensing the wellspring bubbling up from our innermost being. We sense it even if we can’t quite pinpoint it. It seems archaic to believe the Spirit of God breathed into our nostrils but the language of souls sees the universe breathe. Most of us can quote dozens of scriptures but until the intuition is strong enough to know the Kingdom is within they’re just words with moral fiber. 15-20 years of meditation in and knowing in a biblical sense will be normal. It’s how we end up having an intimate relationship with God.

A conventional understanding of scripture is a good start but neglecting to seek the hidden Wisdom gives ignorance a breeding ground. Following Christ and doing the work is freedom. We see our conflicts and learn how to overcome them by weakening the ego. Yeshua tells us, I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul.” That’s a promise to relieve any tension from conflict.

Since we experience molecules oscillating like motion between extremes rest is appealing. Just look at how the entire creation epic in Genesis is centered on using polarity to create, Light separated from dark, waters divided by firmaments, image and likeness, and heavenly luminaries; all the result of polarity. Then Yeshua says rest and you remember the end. On the 7th day He rested and all of the paradoxes were reconciled. Except the offer to rest isn’t physical., it’s for the soul. The Bridegroom is always calling out for Sophia. “Rejoicing in the world, His Earth,” relates to our earth-heart, where we meditate on what Sophia calls His Earth- His Heart. I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul.” Look how interconnected it is.


One thought on “The Interconnected Life Of Symbolism

  1. Wow I love how you said that the rest is what reconciled all the paradoxes. I’m a fan of physical rest, soul rest, all rests. SO many lovely connections made in this post. Beautiful work.

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