What King Solomon Taught Me

Solomon has become this enigmatic character with a larger than life persona. He is both Wise King and archetype of Magicians the world over. No one can read the scriptures attributed to him or his story without picking up on a heavy amount of allegory and mystery in the text.

You know what I did? I brushed up on King David because he’s my favorite and read 1 Kings again. I picked apart Solomon and even burned through the lesser key and the testament of Solomon. Brushed up on the djinn and divers in said-Nursi’s work and the Qu’ran, and meditated on it all. Mostly because a random line from this middle-aged Rosicrucian was driving me nuts: “Construct a Temple at the heart of the rose.” So I did what Solomon did and built a Temple in my heart. Mentally projected it in there and spent months really getting good at making it realistic and sitting there meditating in it.

Solomon did that. Just give your servant a listening heart and God made him the most extravagant King the people have ever seen. He knew his stuff though. You can note that in the playfully erotic coaching of his virgin bride into union contrasted with the Queen Sheba traveling North from the Kingdom of Saba. She came to pay homage to the wise King. Sometimes I struggle to accept that Kabbalah didn’t exist in 900 BCE because Solomon literally seduced the virgin bride and pulled Shekhinah from the highest point in Union within Malkhut. A listening heart is the key to that mystery.

Keeping it relevant and simple here, building a Temple in my heart was the start of my mystical journey. Asking for Wisdom led me to seek a King for the Sophia of my soul. In giving myself over to the gentle heart of Christ the Bridegroom started shaping my understanding. From then on it’s really easy to relax into deeper meditations. A natural shift started happening as I embraced what it means to be a reflection of Divine Union. Giving up a few vices isn’t difficult when “the desire for wisdom leads to a Kingdom.”

You see what I’m saying. We can internalize every element of Solomon’s life and create meditations from his example. It’s an intense field of study every student eventually comes to. By sharing my own understanding I hope to light a few lamps within those of you who are on the journey. Peace!

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