We talk about secret teachings and hidden wisdom all the time. Allegories and mysteries seem to be at the heart of mystic Christianity. Anyone who has ever read a gnostic text knows exactly how they play up the mystery of the journey within. But… I’d like to demystify inner transformation and invite you to study the opening lines of the Gospel of Thomas with me. Click the link for more.

This is a companion piece to the post on Buried Treasures of The Logion. I wanted to expand on the purpose of the maxims found in Thomas because self discovery is the road to spiritual growth.

I’ve never seen Christ as something outside of humankind and will never advocate praying to an outward man in the sky. Obviously, that makes promoting this Lamp of The Body piece a bit difficult but I’m more concerned with people finding lasting peace than I am making money.

The Gospel of Thomas is a lovely collection of meditative sayings that strike to the heart of Yeshuas message. As we enter inward and find the source of love within we become vessels of Divine light. It’s not a theory. It’s a bit of mystical fact- if such a term actually exists- that looking within one’s self is the path to transformation. Thomas says “we will be amazed at what we find.”

If you want a copy of the Gospel of Thomas with relatively extensive notes just click on the link included. Stevan Davies does a wonderful side by side display of the text and annotations on each page. It’s a really convenient layout. It may not be the most “gnostic” interpretation but it’s a great starting point for beginners.

As always, thank you for following the movement. I hope you get as much value from reading and watching these pieces as I do from sharing them.


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