It’s Because I’m A Nerd Isn’t It?

So Hilda74 must’ve met me because the likeness is uncanny.

I write what I write. Loads of analysts have different takes on the material bloggers should put out.

Like, blog everyday but make sure it’s the type of content your readers are looking for.

Work your niche into the news of the day to drive traffic to your site.

I mean, that’s great and all but how many writers actually care about current events?

I barely know who the president is let alone what his cabinet is up to.

I have even less of a clue what popular shows are on or what sports team did a thing,

I’m literally over here reading old alchemical manuscripts for kicks and learning Hebrew just to do my morning prayers.

Fit that into the modern persons pop culture paradigm. Like I don’t think I could even spell Kim K’s last name and I certainly don’t care what her baby daddy has to say about culture.

So what on Earth should I do to bridge the gap between the greater part of humanity and my hyper fixated special interests?

Just thinking my thoughts.

Feeling a little froggy.

Thinking of leaping into the mainstream.

Maybe go from being a nerd to being a hipster nerd.

Maybe find a millennial marketing genius to teach me the ways of the force. Who knows.


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