The 7 Metals Of Alchemy

“On account of this art Mercury is called thrice greatest, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world…” -Sir Isaac Newton

I’m literally doing this one for fun. Alchemy has always enticed me with it’s polysemic language and rich symbolism. The Seven Metals themselves speak of a spiritual transformation few students of mysticism could miss.


The substance. The matter ro be worked on. According to Hermetic Philosophy this is you- mind, body and soul. You are the divine essence that must be transformed.


The beginning of blackness. When we think without acting, we weigh ourselves down with sorrow. However, it’s those mistakes that start dissolving our ego.


The color grey that appears aftr the ego starts to dissolve from the blackness. Tin aspires to lend a hand to humanity.


The citrine color (Venus was born when Jupiters testicles were off by his Father and tossed in the sea) It’s here we start to transform our selfish sexual desire into love and compassion, and start to develop and lead our souls towards a state of selflessness.


The white color of a soul that has been purified. All of our accumulated lessons become food for the spirit. Our Higher Selves are activated.


It’s this state in which we start to become red. Why? Iron must be tested in the crucible. In fact, you’re already familiar with the concept of an iron will. Yet, our raw will alone cannot be used until it’s purified. It has to be redirected.


The final stage which represents the perfection of the soul, on every level of existence. Whether it be mind, body, or soul, this “living gold” is seen as a perfected state of being which is the goal of every alchemist.


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