“All is flux, Everything changes.” -Heraclitus

Statements like this sound less like philosophy and more like occult science right. It’s the Kybalion all over again:

‘Nothing rests,

everything moves,

everything vibrates.’

-Principle of Vibration

We could say that’s just a vibe and write it off as wishful thinking. Call it the stuff of fanciful new age gurus but…even objects that appear stationary are vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various frequencies. Resonance is just motion between two poles. I mean, electrostatic forces literally hold the world together but I digress. The wuwu kids get on my nerves too. So, let’s skip space camp and talk about something we can actually grasp.

Our home planet is rotating at about a thousand miles per hour while orbiting the sun at an unfathomable 67,000 miles an hour. All that shake and bake goodness results from what science calls attractive force; one that caused an apple to fall on one of my favorite alchemists head leading to its discovery.

To look at the subject of vibrations is to question what we take in through our senses. When guys like Heraclitus make these outlandish claims that our entire world is in flux our rational brains scream no.

Moreover, there seems to be two dominating camps that come to the forefront when it comes to the subject of a vibrating universe. I have two ideas I want these dominant camps to consider. If you’re more inclined to the wishful thinkers who use pseudoscience as the basis of their spiritual systems, spend some to listening to physicists who obliterate those subjects and test your beliefs a bit. Blind faith comes in many forms right. To the other guys, I’d like you to consider the mystics of the ancient mystery religions and ask yourselves-

  • how did heraclitus know we were in a constant state of flux without the instruments to test his theory?
  • how did any of the great thinkers of antiquity from pythagoras to lao tzu land on quantifiable truths through contemplation and meditation alone?

-Our species needs both skeptic and believer. If I could achieve anything I’d love to start bridging the gap between these polarized groups and get these threads moving through the minds of humans as much as possible. Just because I feel Heraclitus saying-

“Eyes and Ears are bad witnesses to men”


-In my bones doesn’t mean I expect the globe to bow down to my mystical worldview. Especially when minds far greater than mine have made statements like-

‘Not only does God play dice but…he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.’

-Stephen Hawking

First of all, what a hilarious rebuttal to one of the oldest and best known rap battles in the history of physics. Humor is definitely the bridge. Second, as a person who couldn’t pass a physics class today I believe it’s foolish for those of us in the spiritual community to pretend we understand the subject because a few of its findings stumble into our backyard. Third up, the scientific community occasionally produces a cult of personality capable of articulating points in ways we left-brain thinkers can understand. So, let’s take the wins where we can and appreciate their findings.

I believe in a unified multiverse but that’s exactly what it is, a belief. We don’t get anywhere by pretending to have all the answers. We dreamers don’t need to stop dreaming big. Cynics don’t need to stop pulling at the strings of everything. We each represent respective ends of the same pole. How do you think oscillation happens to begin with?

Like I said…



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