How Religion Divides Us

“Everything is dual; everything has poles- pairs of opposites; like and unlike are the same: opposite are identical in nature but vary by degree. All truths are but half-truths, all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

How many of us look at polarity in relation to our essence and the essence of God. Well, that’s the exact approach I’d like us to take in relation to the law of polarity.

Christian mystics are already used to considering the imagery in the Song of Solomon to understand the relationship between our souls and the Divine. All I’d ask of you is to get a little more Kabbalistic and consider the divine energy of Soul in relation to the Cosmic I AM. Think of the old maxim as above, so below in relation to as within, so without and revisit all of the religious classics.

If you’re new to mystical ideas i will gladly bring you up to speed. The principle of polarity exists to teach us one thing:

Duality is the great cosmic lie. Never before has something so dangerous and damaging defined our history or our thinking. This either/or, ego minded mentality can be found at the root of most of our problems. Think of where duality first rears its head in the Tanakh:

“ God knows well that when you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil.”

-Genesis 3:5

Baby girl eats of the fruit and comes to know She exists. The feminine life force becomes the object of masculine awareness. Humankind is awakened to physicality and we lose touch with the true nature of reality. Individuality is born and we no longer live within that conscious union of interconnectedness. This us versus them shift happens right.

We see this echoed throughout the ancient mysteries from Venus and Aphrodite, to the fruit of enlightenment, and Gula-Bau, the creator of the world of illusion. Paris handed Venus and apple right. It’s that animal desire to be filled we wouldn’t have survived the world of forms without.

Now remember, Venus is holding a mirror. This power of reflection is the mystery of these creation epochs. Paris didn’t seek riches or glory. He sought the most beautiful woman on earth to take as his bride. Aphrodite even wraps Paris in a thick mist and lays him down in a bedchamber. We’re talking classic bridal mysticism.

What does every seeker of mystical truth search for above all? To intimately know divine union. Very few people choose to do like Paris did and ignore material wealth or the glory of strategy and seek the continuum of life itself.

We choose what we deem important. Our moral compasses are subjective. Whether or not the things we deem good or evil are indeed good and evil depends on who you ask. Like it’s doubtful very many people would consider a bluebird to be evil but we’ve never experienced them the way a worm would.

How often do we actually consider the perspectives of others? Up until the last decade or so most of us wouldn’t even openly discuss spiritual concepts with our neighbors. There were too many lines in the sand. Too many people were convinced they were right and everyone else was wrong.

Think of all the damaging effects our egotistical religious attitudes have had on our lives and our communities over the centuries. Crusades, Inquisitions, Muslims honor killing homosexuals in the streets. We see these horrendous atrocities committed against people in the name of a so called loving God and wonder how.

How did we end up here?

We hear of these sages who enter into seclusion and seek peace within. Some spend years in meditation before having g a breakthrough. They find the truth of cosmic union. Naturally, they’re so excited they write it down right?

Correction. The Buddha never wrote anything down. Yehoshua only wrote once in the sand and we have absolutely no idea what it said. The rest of it is either philosophy or the works of charlatans. You can spot the frauds because they speak in absolutes. Either you believe exactly what they do or face a divine wrath. Blah blah blah.

Our best teachers direct us to find the answers within ourselves. They develop quips and lessons they can share with everyone they come in contact with. Obviously spiritual maxims are internalized and spread through a cultural lens.

The Tao. The Way. The Truth. The One True God. The Great Spirit or Eloah. Our conscious awareness. Etc. None of us actually know.

That being said, every sage who stepped into the silence ended up starting a movement. Those who followed them almost never enter into the silence themselves and end up developing codes based on quotes and lessons they wrote down. Since these followers aren’t grounded in their own internalized wisdom they end up bucking anyone else who comes with their own instructions from other sages. Wars get waged and we go from love one another to stone all the gays in seconds.

See, our egos breed this “my way or the highway” schoolyard bully mentality. It’s our narcissistic impulses that erode our chances of peaceful coexistence with those that are different. When “spiritually minded” people act this way it pushes others away from the mysteries altogether.

That’s how we become lovers of things who use people. Seeing preachers use “loving one another” to accumulate wealth does that though.


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