AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT I’ve spent a great deal of time painting out mysticism to be some sort of Bizarro World view due to how difficult it is for our minds to grasp. Mystics apply a sort of backwards logic similar to Alice through the looking glass that doesn’t exactly translate into words. That being said, […]


When I talk of manifestation I’m not bringing up anything new. The concept of speaking things into existence isn’t exactly a lofty one foreign to our modern minds. In certain Near Eastern cultures it’s not uncommon for cancer to be referred to as the disease that must not be named. We, in the West can […]


A QUICK RECAP Let’s make things interesting here. My last post- Walk The Planck– dealt with the effects some of the implications of quantum mechanics had on the world at that time. Material Realism was tossed on it’s head and some really brilliant minds struggled to accept the data they were being given. In the […]


Once science was free to seek out it’s own version of truth it came back with several really beautiful ideas. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity seemed to be moving towards a fully functioning mathematical model of the cosmos.Around that time Planck unearthed the Uncertainty Principle as Schrödinger emerged with the Schrödinger equation. Quantum mechanics really rocked […]


My last two posts brushed over both scientific rationale and the spiritual worldview respectively. It isn’t my intention to bash either set of ideals or tell anyone that they’re wrong. Most of what I’m driving at is merely meant to provoke questions in the minds of others because I feel we have a lot to […]


When we look beyond material realism we tend to end up in the realm of the religious. Those pious individuals that cling zealously to dogmas that are so closed minded it’s easy to see why the Cartesian separation happened. You know the types, and I’ll use examples of my own faith as to not offend, […]


What comes to mind when you hear the word real? If you’re think about what you can touch, taste, see, smell, or hear then you’re thinking of the material world around you, but let me ask you this; where did the thought emerge from? Once we consider the fact that the root word for real […]


MODERN MYSTICISM One of the biggest problems skeptics of religion have is how open ended and vague a lot of scriptures tend to be. Since the whole realm is open to interpretation modern minds tend to pick apart ideologies and consider people of Faith to be a bit backwards, or ignorant. While most believers are […]