See that picture? That’s high-tech on Gib Lewis. It’s a maximum security prison where they house offenders with a G-5 status- meaning they aren’t fit for general population. Somehow I was thrown in the mix there after a race riot erupted between Tango Blasts and Bloods on Torres Unit. As I am neither a blood […]


What people do to each other in the pursuit of riches has always terrified me. Having never been a lover of things has always set me at odds with society. It’s people I care about. Stray dogs. Lonely cats. Sentient beings with feelings that drive me, not social status and flashy things. I also struggle […]


Let’s skip over every ones political dispositions and cut to the chase about what matters most. It’s not my intention to kick the hornets nest. Everything that follows is the result of what I feel to be spiritually sound; love being what matters the most in our lives. We humans are social creatures who need […]


Some of the most profound lessons a person can learn don’t come from living this pristine and deeply spiritual life 24/7. No. Some of the greatest lessons we learn come from how well we fail in life. The trick is recognizing the opportunity to grow through what we go through in the moment rather than […]