Why It’s Important To Plant Seeds

I know it’s easy for us to seek quick fixes nowadays. We literally have instant everything delivered to our doorsteps within 25 hours. Convenience stores at every corner stocked with all our favorite goodies. Instant gratification is the catchphrase of our era. While our society is, in many ways, a marvelous achievement a lot of […]


What Is Sex Transmutation

In celebration of no nut November I’m taking a look at the role chastity plays in spirituality. I cover a wide range of disciplines from Buddhism to Christianity and highlight the sexual alchemy found along the way. Click the link for more.


A TRULY NON-VIOLENT PATH While many of the worlds religions preach a path of tolerance and love there is only one faith that hasn’t been spread at the tip of a sword. In fact, one of the biggest reasons we have so many people against organized religion is due to the history of bloodshed that […]


Life likes to take us in directions we aren’t prepared for. The people and places change and we adapt to new circumstances as we grow. Some of the people we thought we would always have around are sometimes taken too soon for our liking. Things outside of our control turn up and we have to […]


BLESS YOUR ENEMIES “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” (NAB- Luke 6:27-28) For the longest time I struggled to put Jesus words into perspective and could not for the life of me understand why anyone would allow other people to […]


EVERYTHING LEANS Healthy patterns of thinking are said to enhance our lives while unhealthy patterns tend to be frowned upon. Yet, if we look at any scenario from an unbiased state we can unearth a deeper truth. Let’s consider that emotional states are a type of informed power designed to aid us in making decisions. […]