Western Eyes: Seeking Spirituality With Religious Trauma

Religious trauma may cause some of us to reject dogma and walk away from the institutions we come from but it doesn’t have to. True spirituality is on the rise and we begin to recognize how the divine within is reflected in others.

As I further my personal goals as a content creator I wanted to take a minute and address why i’m doing this. I want to give people a safe place to come to grips with God on their own terms. Click the link for more.


A lot can be said about the spiritual path. We could intellectualize until we’re blue in the face or we can follow a simple commandment: live in love. Everything else is just window dressings. One simple form of living in love comes down to us through the Jesus Prayer. Monks going all the way back […]


Probably the most “unchristian” thing I have ever said is that we aren’t here to argue down others with our religious rightness and convert them to our way of thinking. In fact, I don’t think people of faith should waste their breath preaching. People can only grasp what they understand. Even then they only ask […]


SOMETIMES SPIRITUAL WORK IS MESSY Because life is messy. We have these series of attempts at cleaning up the messes because that’s our inclination. We’re little fixers. However, while we’re trying to smear away the stains of our sins we aren’t allowing salvation to take root. There’s nothing to be forgiven for we were already […]


SOCIAL MEDIA VS. SCIENTIFIC FACT I wandered into my local grocery store yesterday to pick up chipotle salsa and vegetables for my rice. I had assumed it would be a quick 10 minute trip in and out. NOPE. My local Fiesta had lines backed down every aisle. Even the express lanes snaked through the produce […]


Let’s skip over every ones political dispositions and cut to the chase about what matters most. It’s not my intention to kick the hornets nest. Everything that follows is the result of what I feel to be spiritually sound; love being what matters the most in our lives. We humans are social creatures who need […]