Our love lives can feel like a title bout match with a heavyweight at times. We’ll recover from one emotional blow just to be blindsided by another right hook to the jaw. No matter how much we posture and shuck and jive the hits just keep on hitting. We find ourselves regrouping in the corner […]


I recently had a conversation with my oldest daughter’s Mother that rocked me to my core. She possesses a sort of brutal honesty I’ve come to appreciate and despise all in the same breath. While she always admonishes with love and wants me to prepare for whatever storms may come I’m not always prepared to […]


What are known as light workers in the mystical community have been intoning certain vowel sounds to raise the vibrations of our collective consciousness for thousands of years now. As we settle into the Age of Aquarius we are seeing more and more people tuning into the Cosmic Mind of God. There’s this new age […]


We’ve all stayed in toxic relationships far longer than we should’ve. We make excuses for why we stay and attempt to justify it in every way imaginable. Our friends and family all look at us like we’ve finally fallen down and hit our head one too many times. They can see how futile any attempt […]


BLESS YOUR ENEMIES “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” (NAB- Luke 6:27-28) For the longest time I struggled to put Jesus words into perspective and could not for the life of me understand why anyone would allow other people to […]


LOUD NOISES Metal clings from some dark recess of the room. Buzzers echo through the crowds chattering away in Spanish. I hear, “NO! MIJO!,” cried out seconds before the sound of glass shattering joins in the chaos. The incessant drum beat of machine gun fire is accompanied by the whine of a child whose innocence […]


I WANT TO BELIEVE We’ve all seen the posts. We’ve all stumbled across the books in the self-help section of bookstores. They’ve tagged the concept in every way imaginable to make it as marketable and trendy as humanly possible over the years. The most recent form is manifestation. From Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich […]


DEFINING BEAUTY What is beauty exactly? We humans tend to define beauty based on shapes, colors and forms we find aesthetically pleasing to our senses. We hone in on a particular feature we find pleasant such as almond shaped eyes or voluptuous lips and work our way down. It’s the hourglass figure of a woman […]