Imagine using your subjective consciousness to awaken that eternal part of you that is connected to the Cosmic Unity at the center of all creation. Imagine being able to move beyond the limitations placed on our waking mind by our senses. This would be the art of polarization and it’s a form of mental alchemy […]

What Is Sex Transmutation

In celebration of no nut November I’m taking a look at the role chastity plays in spirituality. I cover a wide range of disciplines from Buddhism to Christianity and highlight the sexual alchemy found along the way. Click the link for more.


ORIGINS OF MANIFESTATION We’re all familiar with the idea of manifestation, but how many of us have actually taken the time to research where this line of thinking comes from? Oh sure, we could write it off as a modern construct and pretend we just came up with it yesterday. We could think of ourselves […]


I WANT TO BELIEVE We’ve all seen the posts. We’ve all stumbled across the books in the self-help section of bookstores. They’ve tagged the concept in every way imaginable to make it as marketable and trendy as humanly possible over the years. The most recent form is manifestation. From Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich […]