What Are The Three Elements?

Some of us are vaguely familiar with the idea of triangles as mystic symbols. However, not many of us know how alchemists used the triangle to understand our existence in relation to the cosmos. Salt, sulfur, and mercury are so much more than mere concepts of elements. Let’s get into the details and journey within.

Imagination & Mental Alchemy

Visualization is a powerful technique. One we can use to tune into the macrocosm around us. Let’s discuss the mystic interpretation of the triangle as a symbol of our manifesting ability. Rock with me as we take that journey within.


When Michael Maier depicted Hermes Trismegistus with the sun and the moon he did so knowing this imagery would stir something within our subconscious. See, cosmic language isn’t a language of words. This is why psychologists oftentimes use dream interpretations as a way to help their clients get in touch with their wants and desires […]