“I AM” The Simple Answer

EHYEH ASHER EHYEH Way way way back in the 13th Century BCE we have this fantastic story that emerges from the Babylonian Exile. Moses drops some of the trickiest Hebrew of all time with the simple use of “I Am the I Am.” I mean, this phrase has baffled scholars. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We’re all […]



When I talk of manifestation I’m not bringing up anything new. The concept of speaking things into existence isn’t exactly a lofty one foreign to our modern minds. In certain Near Eastern cultures it’s not uncommon for cancer to be referred to as the disease that must not be named. We, in the West can […]


MOSES VS. AMENHOTEP IV David Rohl calculated a timeline for his research based on the astrological records of the Egyptians who, let’s face it, kept much better records and placed Exodus somewhere around 1440 BC. Obviously this isn’t the timeline for Ramasees II as is generally thought but I promise you it is a much […]