Statements like this sound less like philosophy and more like occult science right. It’s the Kybalion all over again: ‘Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.’ -Principle of Vibration We could say that’s just a vibe and write it off as wishful thinking. Call it the stuff of fanciful new age gurus but…even objects that appear stationary are vibrating, […]

All Is One: Science + Religion= Mysticism

Once upon a time there was a brilliant scientist by the name of Giordano Bruno. He had a revolutionary idea. He said: Innumerable suns exist; innumerable Earths revolve around these suns in a manner similar to the way the seven planets revolve around our Sun. Living beings inhabit those worlds. -An Outlandish Idea Giordano Bruno […]

Be Better Today Than Yesterday

I’ve dove deep into the mystic landscape of the Semitic Traditions as of late. Mostly, because I am an ultra dork who loves meditative practices, but… and this is a huge but… they’re not very practical for the average person. So, let’s remedy that and take a very practical look at what I consider to […]

Lamp Of The Body Playlist

So I’ve mostly written this book right. Most of the actual writing is done. I’m just redacting it preparing to get it over to an editor. In the meantime, the smart play is to create the buzz myself. I’ve started making YouTube videos out of it and sharing the material without the meditations. This is […]

Abbaun: Our Father In Aramaic

“Our eternal Abba,Father-Mother of all,Who art within and beyond our understanding;May thy Way be hallowed in every heart,And thine interior guidance be known in every soul,And may thy spiritual sovereignty become fully realized,In us and on Earth, as it is in the heavens,As above, so below;as within, so without;as in spirit, so in flesh.Grant us […]

Western Eyes: Seeking Spirituality With Religious Trauma

Religious trauma may cause some of us to reject dogma and walk away from the institutions we come from but it doesn’t have to. True spirituality is on the rise and we begin to recognize how the divine within is reflected in others.

As I further my personal goals as a content creator I wanted to take a minute and address why i’m doing this. I want to give people a safe place to come to grips with God on their own terms. Click the link for more.


We talk about secret teachings and hidden wisdom all the time. Allegories and mysteries seem to be at the heart of mystic Christianity. Anyone who has ever read a gnostic text knows exactly how they play up the mystery of the journey within. But… I’d like to demystify inner transformation and invite you to study the opening lines of the Gospel of Thomas with me. Click the link for more.