Staying calm amidst the turmoil of our daily lives is almost a sort of super power. We’ve all came across those people who possess the ability to stay calm no matter what is happening in their lives. It’s a very beautiful quality to have. Fortunately, it’s also one that any of us can develop with […]


I’m expanding my horizons and trying new things. One of the ways I am doing that is by getting on YouTube and doing segments on the spiritual path. This, in the spirit of what I do, will be a very generalized approach meant to encompass everything I talk about on here; mystical experience, philosophy, Christianity, […]


GROWING UP GOONISH I was born in 1983 at J.P.S. What that really means is I’m old enough to remember pay phones, designated smoking areas indoors, Saturday morning cartoons and McGruff the crime fighting dog taking a bite out of crime. That’s right, the concept of my brain sizzling over easy on drugs is forever […]


LIES I TELL OTHERS Deadpool has always struck a chord with me. I found this slightly psychotic antihero to be a breath of fresh air amongst the Marvel Universes usual band of heros and villians. For someone who’s alway blurred the lines a bit and considered rules to be speculative I had a natural affection […]


Let’s skip over every ones political dispositions and cut to the chase about what matters most. It’s not my intention to kick the hornets nest. Everything that follows is the result of what I feel to be spiritually sound; love being what matters the most in our lives. We humans are social creatures who need […]


So you finally found a spiritual path that suits you. You’ve settled into a groove that feels fluent and deepens your connection with the world. How beautiful. Well, it’s now your duty to be true to your beliefs and spread the peace. You’ve started your outreach, as do each of us, and I’m proud of […]


I WANT TO BELIEVE We’ve all seen the posts. We’ve all stumbled across the books in the self-help section of bookstores. They’ve tagged the concept in every way imaginable to make it as marketable and trendy as humanly possible over the years. The most recent form is manifestation. From Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich […]


WITHOUT STRUGGLE Anything worth having is worth fighting for. There are so many instances in our lives where things happen that are meant to test our resolve. To test our merit. To test how badly we really want the things we claim to be chasing after. In eastern literature there is the popular metaphor based […]