How Religion Divides Us

How many of us look at polarity in relation to our essence and the essence of God. Well, that’s the exact approach I’d like us to take in relation to the law of polarity. Christian mystics are already used to considering the imagery in the Song of Solomon to understand the relationship between our souls […]

The Levels Of The Kingdom

How many dimensions can we comprehend? How many of us even know how many dimensions we move around in? There are the three that dictate our direction- up/down, left/right, backward/forward. That’s our 3-D world. And then there’s time. We’ve considered time to be a fourth dimension but physicists like Rovelli are producing new mathematics that […]

How Masculine & Feminine Shaped Religion

While hellenization was happening- FUN FACT: all of the collective knowledge we appreciate today comes from a very blended, and multicultural background. Scribes and priests, Holy people and ordinary folks from every culture imaginable have risked life and limb to carry our most sacred knowledge to safety from invasions and fires to the best of […]


“Concerning matter, we’ve been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. Matter is spirit reduced to a point of visibility. There is no matter.” -Albert Einstien In my last entry I questioned if Duality is the Great Cosmic Lie. To paraphrase […]

GENESIS 01:An Alchemical Take

We’re all familiar with the Creation Epoch, but how often do we really get to breakdown the way God works here? You guys know from previous posts why I feel it all starts with the utterance of the plural name of God, Elohim, but why is it important? Almost immediately we see a reference to “a […]


“Peace does not mean the absence of conflict, because opposition, polarity, and conflict are natural laws.” -Bryant McGill GOOD AND BAD We tend to look at earthquakes as or tornadoes as these destructive forces but in a cosmic sense they’re merely just regular occurrences. It’s our minds that label events good or bad. However, these […]


WU WEI- EFFORTLESS ACTION “In order to control myself, I must first accept myself by going with and not against my nature.” -Bruce Lee When Bruce Lee dropped this little gem in Longstreet he really cut to the heart of what Taoists call wu wei, or effortless action. This whole “Be Like Water” philosophy of […]